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Art Residency at GLO´ART, Lanaken Belgium

Apply for the Arte Laguna Prize, you are eligible for an art residency in Belgium!

Description of residency program
GLO’ART aims at helping young artists to build their career in art, 
to become recognized and well-known international artists.

The concept: GLO’ART starts scouting for young art talents throughout the world and to invite them for a stay of 1 to 6 weeks in a unique art centre in Belgium. Within a period of two years, GLO’ART strives to select a hundred potential artists to join it. These are housed during their stay in a luxurious private residence and gain every opportunity to freely show and present their work during this period. GLO’ART offers a variety of accommodation and equipment to support the artists.

For every form of art GLO’ART has separate workshops arranged (painting, sculpture, photography, digital, and free arts). It is intended that during the stay of 1 to 6 weeks, the artists can show their capabilities and skills by making their own art. In that way they deliver a true impression of themselves to the GLO’ART organization. Their presentations and work are discussed and a file of their work laid out. By the end of the second year, ten artists are elected to become associates of GLO’ART. This election is made by an international jury of renowned art experts and is based on the interviews, congestion and artworks made.

These associates will have a contract and thus will be offered the amazing ability to penetrate into the international art world. The GLO’ART marketing and sales team will thereby fully support them. It is for the winners a blazed path to international recognition. The GLO’ART sales department will sell the artworks they produce. In this way, the winners have all the possibilities to focus and develop themselves in their artistry and creativity, and do not need to concern themselves with the financial side of being an artist.

Duration of residency
From 1 to 12 weeks

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
Open to artists from the following disciplines: painting, sculpture and installation, photography, video art and performance, land art, virtual art and digital graphics, urban art.
Materials will be provided by Glo'Art, as well as on-site assistance.

During the residency period, the selected artist will be accommodated in a private residence at Glo'Art.

To participate you have to enter the Arte Laguna Prize with at least two works in the same section and you will receive an email with the instructions to submit your application for GLO’ART.

Studio/ workspace
For every artistic discipline, GLO’ART has separate workshops arranged (painting, sculpture, photography, digital, and free arts).

Fees and support
Application fee: 100 euro (the fee includes participation in the Arte Laguna Prize with 2 works, and will give access also to other opportunities, including 10 other residencies, collaborations with companies, gallery exhibitions, prize money)
Reduced fee for Under 25 artists: 90 euro

The residency includes:
travel expenses, accommodation, work spaces, materials, logistics support, grant of 250 Euro per week, final exhibition at the GLO'ART centre.

Expectations towards the artist
The residency will culminate in an exhibition at Glo'Art Centre.
The works made during the residency will remain the property of GLO'ART.



Art Residency at GLO´ART, Lanaken Belgium

Art Residency at GLO´ART, Lanaken Belgium


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