Deadline: 30/09/2017

Emotive Creators

3-6 artists (couples accepted) are invited to book India’s first emotional awareness residency.

Description of residency program
Experience a one month long unique program of creative arts process, personalised mentoring, one to one and group discussions, facilititated by 3 international, qualified and experienced professionals specialising in the arts and personal self development and empowerment. We invite you to dwell in a diverse and life altering Indian/Portuguese state by coming to stay in a stunning villa with all the required amenities on the island of corjuem, near the picturesque village of Aldona.

You will be personally and professionaly supported in immersing yourself in Goa's rich landscape, arts and cutures, plus mingle with the local creative community. In collaboration with Peppina Art, TATVA is passionate about exploring and changing the way we perceive ourselves, our lives and our art as we invite visual artists from around the world. We don't steer artists towards any particular artistic thematic direction therefore we welcome artists who draw insiration from anything ranging from human rights, philosphy, activism, nature, cultures and the environment.

The uniqueness of this residency will appeal to artists who wish broaden their practice in a social and emotional dimension through theoritical discourse and through becoming more consciously aware of their place in the world, thus incrasing their overall wellbeing and creativity. The artsits participtaing will be part of a small community including the faciliators who will shape the wide ranging and imgainative program and schedule ot each artists' need and preferences that is a combination of experiental workshops, guided mentoring,emotional support and expressive arts practices in one and one group frameworks.

The residency allows for a safe environment for artsist to allow for identity exploration, self expression, emotional and creative processing by nurturing and supporting the artists in a respctful, ethical and confidential way. The team facilitates a deeper understanding of the artists' meaning and purpose, their role as an artist and how they cope with and reflect on everyday challenges and current affairs. In the quest to reveal the voice of intution, promote deeper inspiration and celebrate passionate practice; the team will not only support the artists to accumulate not only ways to feel, think and feel with more persepctive but also change the way we experience life through art.

Duration of Residency
1 Month

Disciplines, Work Equipment and Assistance
Your visual art medium can be as diverse as painting, performance, photography, dance, music, fllm making, design, illustration, writing, theory, poetry and any other creative disciplines. TATVA will help the artist secure any equipment/material that can be procured locally. 

Accomodation and Studio/workspace
Shared or private bedroom with balcony in a spacious villa, private or shared bathroom, wifi, air conditioning, use of common areas: living room, dining room, ktichen and attic, garden and terraces.

Fees and Support
The Fee is 1,50,000 INR/2000 Euros for a private single room and 1,20,000 INR/1500 Euros for the duration of the residency (29 days). This covers the accomodation, a semi-structured program consistting of personalised and group mentorings, meditations, physical activities, cultural trips and tours. We are happy to arrange any additonal services like yoga classes, massages plus a car or scooter for hire. 

Expectation towards the artist
All artists will have the opportunity to present their work in an informal presenttation at a public event at a prestigious art institution in Goa during the course of their residency. There will be an end of residency curated exhibition at a gallery in Goa, showcasing the residents experiences and visual expressions by the artists. Artists are not required to present final works at the end of the residency however they are encouraged to share their visual documentation of their process.

Application Information
Drop us an email before the 1st of October 2017 at with some samples of your work giving us a brief about what interests you in participating in this residency, what you wish to gain from it and what yu maybe able to offer to the community of the residency and Goa generally. Applicants must be 18+ and are encouraged to partcipate in the program as much as possible to ensure an engaged and significant experience for all participants.