Deadline: 10/10/2017

Residency Open Call for Musicians

Can Serrat International Art Residency opens the Residency Open Call for Musicians.

Can Serrat International Art Residency opens the Residency Open Call for Musicians. This Open Call is meant to support musical production and to offer a working and living space for musicians.

We will invite 1 musician/ sound artist for a full grant in addition to inviting 6 groups/solo musicians for a partial aid support stipend.

What do we offer?
With this Open Call, Can Serrat will select musician/sound artist to have a Full Grant:

  • One month of residency at Can Serrat during February 2018.
  • A private room.
  • Private working space.
  • Access to shared spaces (kitchen, toilets, bathrooms, etc.)
  • Food supply.
  • Use of the technical equipment (sound gear, both for recording and playing live, projectors, etc.)
  • Possibility to workshop or discuss the project with the residency staff.     
  • Promotion of project and work through social media.
  • Human and technical resources regarding the project.

In addition to the special fully granted programming in February of 2018, Can Serrat offers: partial grant#1 to 1 musical project, partial grant#2 to 2 musical projects and partial grant#3 to 3 musical projects.

[The grants do not include travel expenses.]

Who is it for?

  • All the grants is for musical groups up to 5 participants or single musicians (or sound artists).
  • There is no age or nationality restrictions.

Required documentation:

  • One .PDF file named: "nameoftheband_canserrat_Mcall_sept2017"
  • This file must contain:
    • Brief description of the musical project
    • Recent recordings
    • CV
  • The language of application may be in Catalan, Spanish or English. Other languages won't be accepted.
  • The application must be sent using the Application Form at the end of this page.

Time limit: Between September 10th and October 10th 2017 (bout included).

Announcements: Results will be announced at the beginning of October.

The jury will be formed by:
Sophie Blais (Director), Daniel Moreno (Art Coordinator) and Andi Stecher (former full grant holding sound artist)

Past resident musicians at Can Serrat have been Andi Stecher, Marc Villanova, Anur, Paula Grande, Esperit!, Ferran Palau, Amor Absoluto, L'Hereu Escampa, Dofí Malalt, Os Meus Shorts...

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Residency Open Call for Musicians

Residency Open Call for Musicians


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