Deadline: 20/10/2017

Apply for the Tapiola Guest Studio

The Tapiola Guest Studio is a residence for visual artists.

Description of residency program
The Tapiola Guest Studio is a residence for visual artists. It is maintained by the Finnish Artists' Studio Foundation. The purpose of the Foundation, established in 1990, is to improve the working conditions of the visual artists by maintaining and acquiring work facilities and residential studios. In Finland, the Foundation has currently 290 artists as long-term tenants.

The Foundation has run the residency programme in Tapiola Espoo since 1997. The objective of the 1-3 months residencies is to provide time and space for artists to concentrate on their creative work and to get acquainted with Finnish art scene.

Duration of residency
1-3 months

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
The residency is open for visual artists.

Accommodation and Studio/ workspace
The work/live studio (total 83,m2) was designed for visual artists in 1955 and it combines living (a private kitchen, bathroom and a living balcony) and working space. The working space is 6 meters high and north-facing. There is a proper lighting, wireless internet connection and a small variety of smaller equipment.
The studio will be in private use of the selected residency artist. The place is also suitable for an artist couple.
The guest studio is part of the Tapiola Studio Building which houses nine other work/live spaces for local artists.

Fees and support
The rent of the residential studio is 600 euros / month (in 2018).

The foundation doesn’t offer any funding for travel, material, living or insurance costs.

The foundation offers practical assistance and information on the Finnish art scene.

Expectations towards the artist
The residency is mainly self-directed.
It is also possible for the resident artist to use the studio for events like artist talks or open studios, but this is not compulsory.  

Application information
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The deadline is October 20th 2017

Apply for the Tapiola Guest Studio

Apply for the Tapiola Guest Studio


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