Deadline: 29/10/2017

Short Deadline for Application - AiRS Residency, Grant & Studio Visits

One artist from Lisbon region awarded grant and residency in Sweden - socially engaged practice.

Lisbon based artist are invited to apply for AiRS 2018 exploring the boundaries in and between different societies, locally and/or internationally. Suggested themes are, but not limited to; migration, democracy, voice, ownership etc. AiRS encourage work with attempt to claim or take a critical stance to concept of the commons/ public/semi public spaces. AiRS welcomes one artist to work for eight weeks in Skövde (West Sweden Region).

- AiRS is a international art residency program at Skövde art museum and is awarded to one artist per year.
- Airs was founded in 2014 and is made possible on a grant from West Sweden Region.
- AiRS is committed to a policy of non-discrimination and equal opportunity for all persons regardless of race, sex, color, religion, creed, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression.
- AiRS is a gateway for international connection for Skövde art museum.

Application and review process
AiRS believe in extending the online application to also entail a dialogue in person. As part of this engagement the curator and museum director will do approximately 10 studiovisits in Lisbon prior to the final selection of one artist for AiRS 2018.

A studiovisit is a point where the artist can present ideas, visions, critical stance as well as ask about the program. We believe this process contributes to obtain a high-level artist residency with focus on evolving the artist practice and select topic.

Link to webapplication: 

Please review Eligible Artists above prior to starting your application!!!

- Step 1: Online application, No process fee.
Open: Sept 27th open until October 29th 2017:
AiRS team reviews online application and selects 6-8 artists for Studiovisits in Lisbon. (ongoing process). The selected artists will be contacted Oct 31st and is promoted to respond no later than Nov

- Step 2: Studiovisits, (Nov 8-10)
AiRS team reviews input and selects an artist
Note: AiRS is set to visit a number of institutions/groups in Lisbon and opens up 1-2 positions for late submission.

- Step 3: Reconnect AiRS and artists/curators from Lisbon (Nov 13)
AiRS is part of Skövde Art Museum, some of our AiRS studio visits have resulted in other
engagements. Even if you are not selected for our residency program we are interested in your specific work. This is why we have set up a "Reconnect" opportunity. At this point we will make public who is
the AiRS 2018 artist.

- Step 4: Meeting with selected artist (Nov 14)
AiRS team and artist meet for 3 hours to discuss details in regards to residency and proposed project. The format for curatorial dialogue starts, this to pave way for the socially engaged practice.

Previous artists

2017 - Lhola Amira, Cape Town, South Africa
2016 - Susana Pilar Delahante Matienzo, Havana, Cuba
2014 - Anastasia Vepreva, Saint Petersburg, Russia

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Short Deadline for Application - AiRS Residency, Grant & Studio Visits

Short Deadline for Application - AiRS Residency, Grant & Studio Visits


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