Deadline: 01/12/2017

SoftWEAR: Introduction to Wearable Technology & Art

Intro to wearable computing & art w/ guest artists & a presentation of work at InterAccess Gallery.

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Dates: April 2-16, 2018
Fees: $1040.00 + HST
Accommodation: Private Bedroom & Shared Studio
Facilitator: Liz Lessner
Deadline for Applications: December 1, 2017

This two week residency is an introduction to wearable and ‘soft’ computing as a vehicle for artistic engagement with the fields of art, design, technology, and time-based media.

The focus of this residency is to introduce artists and creative thinkers to technological skills that will allow them to incorporate responsiveness, computation, and electromagnetic materials into their work.

We will learn how to sense presence and have objects respond, use the non-linear power of computer controlled algorithms to enhance user interaction, and incorporate responsive elements like light and sound into objects and installations.

The residency begins with introductions and demos to conductive textiles, circuit building, soft circuitry techniques, and coding in the arduino IDE and culminates in the development and exposition of personal projects. We will explore topics of privacy, surveillance, mediated reality, user interaction, feedback and phenomenological experience. Discussions and presentations will focus on the relationships between the body, technology, fashion, social interactions, and the environment.

Guest Instructors from InterAccess Gallery will also be on hand for special seminar days and studio visits.

The residency culminates in the design, development, and prototyping of working pieces by participants and a artists talk by Liz Lessner  and town-hall-style discussion featuring residency participants on the future and implications of wearable technology hosted by and at InterAccess Gallery in Toronto.

Material requirements for the residency include a micro-controller like Flora or Lilypad conductive thread, LEDs, photo-resistors, and other desired electronic components.

You may bring your own supplies or pre-order kits from the facilitator at a cost of $45 CDN

Kits include:
A flora microcontroller, A micro b usb cable, JST plug (for your battery), LEDs, RGB LED,
Photo-resistor, Conductive Thread, Assorted Needles, Conductive Snaps.

About the Facilitator
Liz Lessner is a NY based sculptor and installation artist who uses technology to craft responsive and interactive objects and installations.  Lessner has had solo shows at Big Orbit, a Center for Exploratory and Perceptual Arts Gallery Project Space, and The University at Buffalo Visual Studies Gallery. She has exhibited her sculptures and installations nationally and internationally including the Guapamacátaro Center for Art and Ecology in Michoacán, Mexico, Brooklyn Artist Gym, and the University at Buffalo Anderson Gallery. Exhibition highlights include the two-person show “Common China” at 3rd Ward, Brooklyn as well as the group shows “The Man I Wish I Was” at  A.I.R. Gallery in Brooklyn, New York and “Amid/In WNY” at Hallwalls in Buffalo, NY . She has an MFA in Media Study and Emerging Practices from the University at Buffalo’s Department of Media Study and has taught workshops and classes in a wide range of educational settings. Lessner has taught at the  University at Buffalo’s Department of Media Study(Buffalo, NY), the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago (Chicago, IL), the Willammette Valley Folk Festival (Eugene, OR), Interlochen Center for the Arts (Interlochen, MI), and Girls Preparatory Charter School (New York, NY) and  Renaissance Charter School for the Arts (Queens, NY).

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SoftWEAR: Introduction to Wearable Technology & Art

SoftWEAR: Introduction to Wearable Technology & Art


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