Deadline: 15/12/2017

Call for Applications Casa do Careca

Due to cancellations we open again the call for applications for the year 2018 (January-August).

Who are we
The Finnish-based non-profit organization Valóság Cooperative´s new artist-in-residence program provides excellent settings for cultural exploration, leisure and work. A beach house on the shore of roaring Atlantic ocean in the Northeastern part of Brazil, works as a safe haven for international artist guests.
Our goal has been since 2015 to promote cultural exchange, political awareness and artistry. We believe that the arts take on political as well social dimensions, becoming themselves a focus of controversy and even a force of political as well as social change.

Target group
Casa do Careca program emphasizes in artist groups, families and collectives but single visitors and couples are also welcome. Program fosters creative, intellectual and professional growth for researchers of brazilian culture and arts, emerging artists in visual arts (e.g. street art), dance and music.
‚ÄčThese fine arts are also characteristic to Ceará region. Fortaleza is the birth place of a whole musical genre: Forró. Forró encompasses various dance styles as well as number of different musical beats. This music genre has gained widespread popularity in all regions of Brazil.

Program Goals

  1. To provide artists with the opportunity to take their work to the next level
  2. To encourage artists to explore their ideas and work within the context of the brazilian lifestyle and culture
  3. To bring an international community of artists to the residence and create opportunities for engagement and cross-cultural exchange
  4. Residents have access to world-class facilities free from everyday pressure

Program details

  1. Residents are provided painting supplies for mural painting and a painting stand
  2. Private bedroom in shared house or the entire house
  3. Access to vehicle on-site (moped)
  4. Free Wi-fi
  5. A network of local contact persons
  6. Introduction to the local cultural scene
  7. Laundry, cleaning and pool maintenance included.
  8. Every year one guest will participate the program for free of charge

The residence
Casa do Careca is located in Icaraí (Fortaleza, 25 km) with 4 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, 4 X bathrooms, indoor and outdoor showers and a large swimming pool (5mX10m). One bedroom is reserved for the hostess. The house is furnished and painted in a very minimalistic and neutral way. ‚ÄčThe house of 170 m2 and the plot 560 m2. Icaraí is located near the equator, so the weather is warm and sunny all year round, except in the rainy season when there´s expected to be some showers. When you open the gates of the residence, you step instantly on the beach.
A former police officer works around the plot with his dog three times per day. Police- and fire stations are located opposite the residence (50 m). The janitor Paulo takes care of the pool, garden and the rest of the premises and the hostess Rosemary takes care of the laundry, cleaning and the key exchange. The Icaraí centre with its markets, cheap meat restaurants, pharmacies and bars are located only few blocks away. Nearest churrascaria is only 100 meters away.

One Room/month EUR 450 (with a partner EUR 700)
The House/month EUR 1250 (for a group or family)

Call for Applications Casa do Careca

Call for Applications Casa do Careca


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