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Sfakiotes Residency in Greece now accepting applications for late 2017 until early 2019

APPLICATIONS for Sfakiotes Residency for late 2017 and early 2019.

Description of residency program
Sfakiotes residency is a 2-storey country house in the Sfakiotes mountains at Lefkas island (also known as Lefkáda), Ionian islands, Greece. The residency house is situated 450 meters above sea level in the tiny village of Asprogerakata with circa 120 inhabitants. The island is attached to the mainland by a land bridge and is reached with a car and or a bus throughout the year. The residency building, a traditional stone house in the Greek mountains, dates back to the beginning of the 20th century and was previously inhabited by a local man with a wine cellar and goats in the 1970s, after which it was abandoned for 40 years. The house and a small garden went through a complete renovation in 2010 as the programme started to run fully in January, 2011.

Duration of residency
1-3 month stays preferred, although shorter (2 weeks) stays also accepted accroding to work plan.

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
Sfakiotes Residency Programme is aimed at artists, art researchers, curators & producers internationally, it is artist-run and initiated, and administered from Finland. It is possible to stay in the house individually or with a family. Guests are allowed and encouraged. Since the premises have cats, bringing your own pets, however, is not advised.

The house is an old, fully renovated stone house (90m2). It consists of 2 floors, a small 0.5 hectare gravel garden terrace & a balcony of 5m2 facing North-East. There is a shared 1 toilet & shower downstairs and open-plan, shared kitchen upstairs.
When applying with colleagues, note that the house is one open space with one stone staircase separating 2 floors and no doors. 1 bedroom-alcove with garden downstairs and a shared bathroom in the upper floor, a small working unit, a sofa bed and a well-equipped kitchen upstairs. Both floors have their own entrances.

Studio/ workspace
The house is open plan so basically the entire floor-space can be used for work. There is a worktable upstairs. 

Fees and support

400€ per month
150€ per week

There is also a returnable key deposit of 100€.

There is no travel or working grant related to the residency. The residency programme does not assist its guests in obtaining a Visa, but can write a formal letter of invitation on the chosen guest`s request.

Expectations towards the artist
Our residency is for artists from all fields of practice of the arts, such as visual arts, music, new forms of art, film & audiovisual production as well as for art researchers, curators & producers. The programme`s mission is to encourage multi-disciplinary artistic creation and art-related scientific work.
Researchers from the field of the arts and art management, researchers working on a research related to the arts or curatorship (such as P.h.d. or a Master´s) or researchers having a collaboration with an artist that relates to the suggested work plan, are also welcome to apply to the residency.
We do not expect to receive information completed works as proof of work done. The artist can spend the time as they see fit. We do, however, expect all guests to participate in cleaning and participating in taking care of the property, garden and were plants during their stay and being actively in contact with the residency`s maintenance group. 

Application information
Submit an application by entering the online application data on our website.
We require a work plan for the residency period and a CV.

Sfakiotes Residency in Greece now accepting applications for late 2017 until early 2019

Sfakiotes Residency in Greece now accepting applications for late 2017 until early 2019


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