Deadline: 17/12/2017

Art See Ocean Winter residence

Art retreat in the heart of Sweden We offer space for artist to be in solitude and creativity.

Artist in residence - Art See Ocean Gallery
Most welcome to Art See Ocean Gallery where the forest meets the sea.
In this residence we offer artists a retreat, a place in nature and solitude.
And the inner journey that naturally takes place when being with yourself in nature.
As Stefan says: "Beauty is the hardest to take in, you have to prepare it its own space".​

During the residency we make a short film with the artist in a life conversation with us about the process of being here. 

Room- the houses
The residence can at this moment accommodate two residents but we are expanding to six people in a near future.​

Studio- four studios
The studio in the big house is 45 square meters and depending on how much space you need there are plenty of rooms in the facilities.
We are building up three larger studios in a total area of 100 square meters, with a restroom and kitchen. And will be offering the to artists in a near future.​

Different kind of arts- who are you
If you are a painter it is easy because we are painters and have studios. Film-workers have been here working with their movies and loved it here. If you are a writer that is also perfect. If you are a musician, you are in good company, we are happy to have you here.​

You are welcome here from minimum two weeks to three months.
375 € per week. The price includes room, studio space and food.
And pick up/ drop off att Skavsta airport or Vagnhärad train station.​
If you like to come with your partner please send us an email.
The residency is self-catered about cooking and cleaning.
You bring your own art material or we arrange so you can get that when you arrive.​

*Payment, if you pay for a residence and cannot attend it, there is no refund, your residence is reserved for you until next opportunity for you to come here.
* We take a 150 € administration fee if you need our help for VISA applications.​

What we also are open to is a exchange program, that you pay for your own trip and material, we provide for food and room and studio space. And that you welcome us back on the same terms.

Art see ocean -
The residency is located in a nature reserve and outside our kitchen window is probably the most beautiful archipelago around Sweden. It is a eldorado for sailing and paddeling ocean kayaks.
If you want to explore the ocean you can rent a sailing boat with skipper or a kayak for paddeling.​

Art see forest -
In the beautiful forest outside the door you can find "Sörmlandsleden", witch has Swedens longest hiking trails, with fire places and windbreaks if you want to spend the night. Bring your tent and sleeping bag or we provide you with outdoor gear for rent.​

Connections - get here
One hour drive or train ride to Stockholm and forty minute drive to Stockholm Skavsta airport in Nyköping. The best way to get here is to buy a ticket with Ryanair to Skavsta airport, they fly from most big citys in Europe.
geo coordinates: N 58 47. 47 E 17 24. 32
You come here to relax from the conditions of a world in haste, but if needed there are wifi connection.

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Art See Ocean Winter residence

Art See Ocean Winter residence


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