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2018 BUENOS AIRES Multidisciplinary AIR Program

R.A.R.O is a new itinerant residency program that welcomes foreign and argentinian artists.

Description of residency program
R.A.R.O is a new itinerant residency program that allows foreign and argentinian artists, to develop their projects in the different studios that R.A.R.O.´s team offers around the city of Buenos Aires.
Each artist can work in a minimum of two studios for the period of the residency, deepening in one or more techniques, according to the project that they are going to develop.
We are also offering residency programs in Curatorial Projects, Theater and Performance and Ceramics and Pottery.
During their residency, artists may show their work, get in contact with local artists, curators and collectors among other art related enthusiasts. At the end of the residency, artists would have the opportunity to show their final work either as an Open studio or exhibition.
R.A.R.O. comes from an interest in creating opportunities for exchange and creation, where artists find a common place for production and artistic development. This type of itinerant residencies organization, manages to generate an original and unique artistic space and creates opportunities for artists to carry out their projects.

Duration of residency
1 month to 3 months

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
R.A.R.O is intended to emerging and established, national and international artists of all disciplines who are interested in making itinerant residencies and who want to share studios with other artists. With 19 studios to choose from, R.A.R.O residencies cover a wide range of techniques with all kind of equipments and full assistance all the time.  

We offer multiple kinds of accommodation option to our residents. From hostels or shared rooms, to private apartments or private rooms in local artists houses. It all depends on the resident budget and needs. 

Studio/ workspace
The residency takes place in a minimum of 2 studios. Artists can choose from any of our studios where they think is more convinient to develop their project. Here are all of our studios:  

Fees and support
Once we recive the application form with the project and all the residency specifications, we prepare a budget for the artist. These specifications include: Which and how many studios does the artist want to work in, materials, accomodation, final exhibition or open studio, etc... Artists have to be clear with these specifications in the application form.
Artists are expected to cover the full residency fee. Some grants or scholarships might be granted upon availability.
R.A.R.O can provide acceptance letters or other kind of documentation needed by the artists to apply for grants or any other kind of financial aids elsewhere.   Since our residency fees depend on these specific aspects, these fees may vary on case to case. However our residencies are in a range of USD $1400. Some times even lower than that, but very unlikely to be higher.
To give a precise residency fee, the artist have to send us the application form first. 

Expectations towards the artist
Artists are invited but no required to give talks or workshops in their field of knowledge to the local artistic community. At the end of the residency, artists will have to present their work to the local audience.
Artists are expected to donate to R.A.R.O a 5 to 10% of their final production in the residency.

Application information
Information on how to apply can be found here:

Brief description of organisation
R.A.R.O is an artistic and creative collective, that produces artistic residencies in Buenos Aires and Madrid. Our interest in creating opportunities for exchange and creation, has led us to propose Itinerant Residencies where the key element is the opportunity that we provide for artistic production and/ or works in collaboration with different artists

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Brief description of residency program
R.A.R.O is a new kind of Artist-In- Residence Program that allows artists to work and develop their projects in different Ateliers around the cities of Buenos Aires and Madrid.
The itinerant nature of the R.A.R.O residencies, is designed for the resident, to work in his or her project in different ateliers with different artists, achieving greater feedback and sharing wider experiences in a very diverse environment.
R.A.R.O residencies are for emerging, mid-career and established artists of all disciplines, interested in a new concept of Artist-In- Residence Program.

2018 BUENOS AIRES Multidisciplinary AIR Program

2018 BUENOS AIRES Multidisciplinary AIR Program


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