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Ice Buckets & Plunges: Ringing in the Tamil Bell.

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge becomes more demanding when the bucket is the mighty Ganges. A dynamic rapid caravan of snow-melts and smoothies! Plunge your head and dip your paint-brushes; open up the organic water-colours and make divine performance art.
Sip at the original allegorical Yoga fountain at the unofficial Yoga capital of the world.
Officially, in December 2017 the United Nations (UNESCO) inscribed the Kumbha Festival as an intangible cultural heritage of the entire humanity. The once-in-12-years ancient festival will begin in 2021, 3 years from Makar Sankranti of 2018.
Pen your thoughts and plans of converting the ‘need’ to the ‘demand’ and hence the ‘search’ to the ‘seek’.
Chant Aum and sing the God-Song of Bhagvat Gita. In the hours of gods, the twilight zones, twice daily. At 365 Haridwar / AZIMVTH Ashram.

• Visiting Ganges ghats,
Temples, ashrams
• Pilgrim interactions
• Local collaborations
• Exhibit
• Print media coverage
• Local music instruments
• Conditional access to a Braille printing press
• Conditional access to telescope / space orientation

• Personal room
• Shared studio
• Options to work at other cluster-locations
• 3 meals, 2 herbal tea + snacks
• Sachet tea/ 24hrs
• Daily small basket of fresh flowers
• Towels, bedding
• Laundry
• Travel within city
• Music guidance
• Ayurveda doctor visit every 3rd day

• Sanskrit / Hindi
• Calligraphy
• Photography
• Visual art
• Documentary
• Spirituality
• Performance art
• New media

• Linguistics
• Painting
• Music
• Writing
• Education
• Yoga
• Everybody
• The Art of Life

Grant of USD 500 liberally available.
28 days USD 1450
14 days USD 900
07 days USD 500

01  Polar Bear Swim Day / Ganges Dip / Ice Bucket Challenge ALS
02  Full Moon / National Science Fiction Day
08  Vivek Ananda Birth Anniversary
09  World Laughter Day
13  Spring Festival (Makar Sankranti)
21  Vasant Panchmi / National Hugging Day
26  Republic Day / Australia Day

“And Winter and Dew-time laid their calm cool hands
On Nature’s bosom still in a half sleep.
Its powers have come from the eternal heights
And plunged into the inconscient dim Abyss
And risen from it to do their marvellous work..”

365 Arya Nagar Jwalapur
Haridwar 249407
Uttarakhand India 

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Ice Buckets & Plunges: Ringing in the Tamil Bell.

Ice Buckets & Plunges: Ringing in the Tamil Bell.


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