Deadline: 10/02/2018

Nature, Art & Habitat - June 2018 call

WATER is life and indeed a source of life; an essential, primordial element.

Description of residency program
WATER: Vital Flux, Energy in Transformation
WATER is life and indeed a source of life; an essential, primordial element. Water plasmas the other natural elements, flows generatively to precipitate diversifications across habitat and ecosystem, carving landscapes and islanding continents. Water is a means of access, energy, sustenance, and survival.
Its simple chemical composition – two hydrogen molecules, one oxygen – gives means to mutating, metamorphic abilities. Ceding and absorbing energy, shifting from liquid into solid into gaseous states, water is an always-changing agent propagating continuous cycles: the crystallizations (ice, snow), evaporations (rainfall), the many forms of condensation (fogs, mists, cloudform) and on … in multifarious textures, water’s omni-shapes can shift a place into recognizable patterns.
Water has always flowed. Humans have long sought to stem, staunch, divert, channel (in short, instrumentalize, for our own purposes) this most precious asset. Water flow today is characterized by alteration and interference bent it seems (no matter the cost) on economic profit. The understanding that water is indispensable gives cause now to reflect; in our current era of destabilization and imbalance, we ask applicants to place their submissions within wider strategic contexts, and to make proposals for projects based across the four domains stipulated by NAHR: Regenerative Economy, Bio-Inspired Design and Architecture, Body Performing Nature, Designed Futures, Technology & New Media). Project proposals should focus toward heritage management and ethical action: how and by which means to ensure the continuing flow of this common resource? 
The 2018 edition of the Nature, Art and Habitat Residency dedicates its program to the theme of WATER, understood here as vital to the flow and flux of the Val Taleggio landscape, an irreplaceable, transformative source of energy.

Duration of residency: 1 month

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance: multidisciplinary - 
Architecture / Design
Biology/Natural Sciences/ Ecology
Technology and Computational Sciences
Visual Arts/Film/Liberal Studies

Accommodation is provided: a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment will be offered to each NAHR fellow.

Studio/ workspace
Shared working studio areas and open-air studio spaces will be provided upon request. Fellows are expected to consider the studio as the base of their research on site and to spend most of their time outdoors. Indoor large spaces and/or tools studios for painting, working, choreography are limited.

Fees and support
June residency is free of charge, but fellows have to pay for their travels and food. ALT. RES. has a small weekly fee.

Expectations towards the artist
The present geological era of the Anthropocene – where humans and our activities are considered the main cause of climatic mutation and environmental imperilment – perhaps marks a new moment in the ethical life of water. We ask applicants to consider the impact of channeling finite resources toward industrial-scale mining/ manufacturing/ agricultural (and aquacultural) enterprises: which (if any) action is plausible? Is the capitalistic control of finite water resources significantly altering its flow, and are we creating consequences both unpredictable and unmanageable?
In the contexts of this pre-Alpine landscape, water is an abundant and indeed dominant element: the streams, lakes, rivers, snows, canyons all supplement and nourish a lush, proliferating, verdant valley. The Val Taleggio area benefits from abundant rainfall, but is also increasingly exposed to the effects of climate change, reflected in a series of recent meteoric events often accompanied by significant localized impact (landslides, floods, rockfall) which affect and risk profoundly altering the area’s ecological dynamics. Within these contexts, when making submissions applicants must demonstrate the ways in which their projects will seek to consider Val Taleggio as a shifting, multiplicitous space.

Application information
See web page with all details of documents to be submitted. 

Nature, Art & Habitat - June 2018 call

Nature, Art & Habitat - June 2018 call


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