Deadline: 20/03/2018

Autumn/Winter season at Waaw

Experience, learn, create and share at Waaw. Apply now for November-December 2018.

Description of residency programme
The Waaw residence is situated right in the middle of the Saint-Louis island in the Senegal river, where the picturesque decay of the colonial town contrasts with the cultural expressions of modern West Africa.
Waaw welcomes practitioners in all art disciplines, as well as journalists and researchers. A stay at Waaw is ideal both for community-oriented residency projects and individual work in a more secluded setting. We will accommodate maximum 5 people at a time.

Duration of residency
1 – 2 months during the period 1 November to 31 December 2018.

Disciplines supported and technical information
Visual art in all its forms, sound art, music, dance, craft, design, architecture, writing. We have a library with books on Senegal, woodworking tools, a sewing machine, an easel. Musical instruments and some other equipment can be borrowed. Classes or workshops in drumming, traditional Sabar dance, languages (Franch, Wolof) and reverse glass painting can be arranged. There is free wifi, but the connection is often rather poor.

The Waaw residence offers simple single or double room accommodation, arranged at a B&B run by a Senegalese family, at walking distance from the studios. See our website for details.

Studio/ workspace
Five studios (between 12 and 16 m2) are available – equipped with tables or workbenches, shelves and seating. Be prepared to share space and resources.

Fees and support
The fees € 500 (1 month) or € 900 (2 months) cover single-room accommodation, workspace and other facilities as well as project assistance. Waaw is non-profit, not financed by any public body, and fees go towards paying the bills. We can offer no grants, but selected candidates who have paid the registration fee will be issued a letter of support for seeking financing elsewhere.

Expectations towards the artist
End-of-residency exhibitions or shows are welcome – but not obligatory. However, we see the residency as a communal experience, and you are expected to share knowledge with other artists and Waaw hosts. We also emphasize the importance of respecting local customs.

Application information
To apply, please send us an informal letter by email and tell us why you would like to come to Waaw and what you would like to do during your residency. One A4 will do fine. Please answer the questions listed on our website and link to relevant work or documentation of it online. We are not really interested in cv's or artist's statements. If you must attach files, please limit yourself to two single recent and relevant works. Please make sure that your email message is not heavier than 10 MB.

Selection process
We generally favour projects with relevance to the Senegalese context. Our committee, composed of professionals in a variety of creative disciplines, will announce its selection in April.

Autumn/Winter season at Waaw

Autumn/Winter season at Waaw


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