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Epoché: Therapeutic Residency for Visual Artists

Join us for the second edition of our unparalleled international residency program.

Description of the residency program
Establishing an art practice that sustains and cherishes the creative process is an incredible effort for artists, especially whilst trying to balance the dialectical struggles of connecting with others versus taking time out for oneself; wanting to work with structure and deadlines versus wanting creative freedom plus the internal and external expectations versus self care. Now more than ever there is need to create a professional sanctuary, focussing on exploring the core of the creative self and the specific challenges that artists face. TATVA’s therapeutic residency offers programs combining input and guidance from an experienced curator and attuned artist; in combination with personalised emotional wellbeing sessions, group circles and facilitated discussions with psychotherapists to fuel and enable your creative growth thus have a fulfilling art practice.

Duration of residency
2 weeks to 3 months 

Time periods:
A) 1st March to 31st May 2018 
B) 2nd July to 30th July 2018
C) 17th October and 14th November 2018 

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
Over the course of the specialised residency, visual artists will have the opportunity to develop connections with a like minded international community through co-creation and experiential learning in an atmosphere of respect, mutuality and exploration. TATVA offers an opportunity of participating in a meaningful life experience, removed geographically and conceptually from the usual studio practice in an environment where experiments can be made and leaps of imagination can occur to explore emotional and social awareness and learn ways in which these can be translated into the art practice.

The sessions through out the residency will focus on unique issues affecting the artists' work and how their art impacts on them as artists and as people. Interactive activities will be organised all through the residency to explore the beauty of Goa and delve into more avenues for creative collaboration.The residency will provide its residents skills that will enrich their practice, their relationships with self and others and their overall wellbeing with openness and sincerity.

Areas of focus: Self awareness and self expression, Emotional and creative processing, the relationship between the artists inner and outer worlds, Cultural and social impact and implications, identity exploration, Nurturing meaning and purpose as artists in day to day living

Work assistance and equipment
TATVA suggests artists to bring their own material but we will help them to source whatever they need locally with prior requests.

TATVA is situated in on a beautiful and serene river island called Corjuem; in the tropical state of Goa, India. Residents have a choice of single or shared bedroom, balcony, air conditioning, Wifi; plus use of the common areas including the kitchen, living and dining areas, garden and terrace. 

Fees and support
This residency is entirely self-funded by the artist; there are no scholarships available from TATVA to artists but we can help the artist to secure funding from other sources that the artist wishes to apply for.The artists have the option of joining for one, two, three or four weeks. 
The Fee is 500 USD/ 32000 INR a week. Discounts are available for artists staying for the period of one month/4 weeks. The residency fee covers all nature activities, cultural trips and tours. Breakfast and lunch will also be provided daily. The fee is inclusive of creative arts process, personalised mentoring, one-to-one and group support; all facilitated by qualified and experienced professionals specialising in the arts, personal and professional self development and empowerment.

Expectations towards the artist
To be open, inquiring, empathic, curious, supportive and reflective. 

Application/Booking information
Write an email to with your C.V and samples of your work plus a statement about why you would like to be a part of Epoché.

Details about the organisation and team
TATVA is an international organisation that focuses on emotional awareness and wellbeing for artists by providing specialised therapeutic residencies that combine the exploration of the creative process with self reflection and psychological wellbeing. 
Kripi Malviya is a psychologist, existentially inclined therapist, international mental health trainer and published poet; she facilities the connection and relationship between creativity and emotional wellbeing with respect, openness and vulnerability.
David Stanton is a British senior psychotherapist, trainer and consultant with over 30 years experience in the UK, Europe, Africa and Asia; where he has helped establish and manage a number of residential and community based mental health awareness and emotional wellness services.

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Epoché: Therapeutic Residency for Visual Artists

Epoché: Therapeutic Residency for Visual Artists


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