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Syntyä: Therapeutic Residency for Music Professionals

An unprecedented international residency for the members of the music industry.

Description of residency program
TATVA invites 3-6 professionals from the music industry anywhere in the world; for a residency experience that will enhance their creative process by combining it with self exploration, reflection and emotional well-being. This includes #musicmanagers#musicians of any genre, #composers#producers#conductors#recordlabel personnel, #musictherapists,#musicengineers etc. The individual personalised sessions and group circles carried out over the course of this residency will focus on unique aspects affecting your work and practice, your vision, the source and impact of your passion, self care; plus nurturing authenticity, meaning and purpose in your careers. 

Duration of residency
2 weeks to 3 months 

Time periods:
A) 1st March to 31st May 2018
B) 2nd July to 30th July 2018
C) 17th October and 14th November 2018 

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
This unique opportunity is for the discerning music artist and professional who is aware of the direct relationship between who they are and their practice and are willing to invest in an engaging and authentic atmosphere to be the most self directed version of their creative selves.

Residents will also have the opportunity to meet, socialise and develop connections with a like minded international community. It is a chance for co-creation and experiential learning with peers in an atmosphere of respect, support, trust, safety, & mutuality. TATVA offers being ​removed geographically and conceptually from usual studio practice and work culture; in an environment of artistic experimentation, risk taking, contemplation and inspiration.

Work assistance and equipment
TATVA will help all artists to source whatever they need locally with prior requests and there is access to local recording studios.

Choice of single or shared bedroom, bathroom, balcony, air conditioning, Wifi, use of the common areas including the living and dining areas, kitchen, garden and terrace. Please​ ​visit ​our Facebook page for photos of the retreat

Fees and support
The Fee is 500 US$ per week for a private room/375 US$ for a shared room. Discounts are available for musicians of south asian origin. The residency fee includes all personalised sessions, ​group mentoring,nature activities, cultural trips and tours. Breakfast and lunch will also be provided daily.

Expectations towards the artist
To be open, inquiring, empathic and reflective.

Application information
Write to to arrange a skype call with us adn learn more about the program.

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Syntyä: Therapeutic Residency for Music Professionals

Syntyä: Therapeutic Residency for Music Professionals


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