Deadline: 31/03/2018

Call for Projects: ACUR Residency - Multidisciplinary AIR Program 2018

Develop your creative project in an archive in the center of Catalonia.

Description of residency program
The residency program is located in a public archive in a small city in the region of Catalonia. From the Arxiu Comarcal de l’Urgell(ACUR) we want to support the creators and researchers, from any scientific or artistic discipline, who produce, reflect upon or research, the documents and archives for inspiring and basing the work.
Therefore, ACUR provides residents with their equipment for carrying out their creations and research. With particular interest in facilitating cultural exchange and dialogue and interaction between the residents and their projects with the local inhabitants.
The Archive provides the selected residents with various areas for researching, creating, experimenting and devising their projects. We also offers to create a link between the resident and the local cultural and social network.

Duration of residency
The work period is from 15 to 45 days maximum, from 1 June to 31 July 2018 . 

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
Applications are open to artists from any sector of art, culture or science. Creators, researchers in all fields (visual arts, literature, music, social sciences, natural sciences, scientists, etc.) who wish to focus their work or research projects on ACUR,
The aims of the residency program are:

  •         To promote artistic research and production in a public archive
  •         To contribute to the artistic promotion associated with interpreting documents
  •         To enrich the experience for the artist and host city, based on the dialogue between them.
  •         To open a new field of transdisciplinary focus on archives 

ACUR offers free accommodation in individual rooms, with the use of common areas (kitchen, dining room, living room, etc.). These facilities are provided in an apartment which is located in the town centre

Studio/ workspace
The workspace is included at the Arxiu Comarcal de l’Urgell

Fees and support
Accommodation is provided by ACUR free of charge. And also with possible services and suppliers for the material needed in the projects., All other expenses (Transport and daily allowances, etc.) are at the cost of the resident. There are no fees. 

Expectations towards the artist
Predisposition to show the work completed during the stay to ACUR and the local community (talks, exhibition, interpretation, workshop, etc.).

Application information
Those interested in the call can send their project to ACUR Carrer de les sitges, 4-6- 25300 Tàrrega, or to, stating the subject of the e-mail as ‘Residency-name’ and attaching the following documentation:
One single document with:

  •         Contact data for the person responsible for the project (and copy of the National Identity Card or Passport)
  •         Number of participants, including names and surnames
  •         Calendar: Proposed dates for the residency (including alternative dates) and project timing
  •         Space needed 

The creative project that you wish to develop, explained on a maximum of 3 sheets of paper, including a proposal for the activity open to the public which is to be conducted at the centre or within the area (open day, conference, examples, interpretation, workshop, etc.)
Short CV of the person participating (maximum 1 sheet of paper) and an example of their work (via a web link or a maximum of three enclosed examples)

Selection process
The projects will be selected by a residency assessment committee made up of: 

• Joan Fontcuberta: artist, lecturer, critic and art promotor, specialised in photography

• Oriol Fontdevila: Curator, writer and researcher specialised in artistic practices and education

• Diego Rey: Artist, teacher. He works at the Bulli Foundation

• Joan Busqueta: Lecturer of Medieval History at Universitat de Lleida, and Director of the Department of History at the Faculty of Arts at the Universitat de Lleida

• Ramon Alberch: Archivist and historian. Chairman of International archivists without frontiers

• And the ACUR Management.

Call for Projects: ACUR Residency - Multidisciplinary AIR Program 2018

Call for Projects: ACUR Residency - Multidisciplinary AIR Program 2018


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