Deadline: 15/03/2018

TESSELLATE 2018 Summer Residency

Free art/design/architecture residency for art not as object but as vehicle for action & exchange!

Tessellate is an experimental artist run spacededicated to seeding conversations between communities and imagining new creative, collective urban futures. Tessellate believes in art not as object but as vehicle for action and exchange. The project aims to facilitate the work and discourse of emerging artists through exposure, opportunity, and interaction.
Tessellate is located in a suburban garage and backyard apartment in Pontiac, Michigan, a weird and wonderful small city just north of Detroit. The property, after being abandoned for four years, has been renovated to reinvigorate the main house and transform the auxiliary structures into their new lives.
Once a manufacturing powerhouse for the car industry,Pontiac retains a diverse and robust community, nestled in old factory housing and historic neighborhoods interspersed with green open lots. The walkable downtown boasts cafes and music clubs, a craft brewery and an old gay dive bar, two nationally renowned haunted houses and a massive abandoned parking structure with a rooftop amphitheater. Like its neighbor Detroit, Pontiac is home to a burgeoning collection artists and creative people working to rethink a creative way forward in the post-industrial environment. Tessellate believes these eccentricities and charms make Pontiac a field ripe for experimentation. 

Tessellate offers a series of free one-month art/design/architecture residencies each open to an individual, collaborative partnership, or small team. Tessellate invites conceptual investigations and visual art, dynamic installations and innovative discourse, social practice endeavors and site specific works. To engage the residency beyond studio practice, each artist/designer/architect will initiate a community outreach event—a project, workshop, public talk, dinner party, or any creative activity that you propose. Each residency will culminate in a public gallery exhibit or open studio event. 

Residents will have access to a 200sf studio space in the backyard apartment, as well as installation space in the garage gallery and the backyard.
Accommodation is provided in a private room located in a house on the property shared with other artists from the Cranbrook Academy of Art. Two person teams will share a room. If you propose to bring more than two people, please specify so accommodation may be coordinated. 


  • Housing

  • Studio space

  • Basic workshop and power tools

  • Salvaged materials

  • A bicycle for local travel

  • Connection to the vibrant art communities of Metro Detroit and Cranbrook Academy of Art


  • Traveling expenses
  • Food and other expenses while in residence

  • Material costs


Any specific materials or tools you might need

  • A proposal for a community engagement event

  • A car, if you have one


Please indicate your preference in the application. If you are open to multiple sessions, list them in order of preference.

  • Session 1: June 1 - June 30

  • Session 2: July 1 - July 31

  • Session 3: August 1 – August 30

Applications are due March 15, 2018. To apply, submit the following to

  • Letter of interest, outlining:

    • Proposed concept or project to be explored

    • Proposal for a community outreach event

  • 10-20 page work sample in PDF format
  • CV 

Accepted residents will be notified April 1, 2018.

TESSELLATE 2018 Summer Residency

TESSELLATE 2018 Summer Residency

United States of America

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