Deadline: 25/03/2018

Expedition Opportunity - Tropic 08°N

Develop creative projects within nature at a remote, vast tropical environment in central america.

Description of Residency
This is an opportunity to join us in one of our upcoming expeditions in 2018 at the gateway between South and Central America, in one of the richest biomes on earth, in collaboration with the first politically autonomous indigenous group in Latin America. Here community and respect for mother earth remains at the heart of this place, despite increased connections to the globalised world.

Tropic 08°N presents a rare opportunity to support the research and development of new works informed by the environment, that engage in urgent and valuable debate, whilst presenting reciprocal benefits for local communities socially + economically through cultural exchange, focussed on spreading their messages to others globally.

La Wayaka Current is an artist-led initiative developing site-responsive projects at remote natural environments across our planet.

Itinerant in our nature we lead expeditions for artists + other creative participants to develop projects in vast Tropic, Arctic and Desert environments at co-ordinates 08°N, 78°N + 23°S. Here we develop programs with local communities, connecting to indigenous + ecological knowledge. 

We are reacting to an increased loss of connection between humans and the natural world and the corresponding globalised socio-political and environmental problems that have arisen due to this distancing.

We are reconnecting to remote natural environments to develop new perspectives through site-responsive creative practice.

Duration of residency
21 / 42 days.

Dates for 2018
May 17 - June 7, 2018, June 10 - July 1, 2018

Sep 25 - Oct 16, 2018, Oct 18 - Nov 8, 2018

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
We invite intl. participants to apply with projects to explore themes remotely in a multitude of ways, through fluid, experiential programs we have developed in desolate, expansive natural environments.

We are open to applications from interdisciplinary artists, researchers, writers, performers, curators, film makers, other creative, cultural, environmental or scientific practitioners to apply to join us remotely at Tropic, Arctic and Desert, research and develop projects over 21-42 days that engage in urgent and valuable debate, whilst presenting reciprocal benefits for local communities through our presence and exchange.

A shared room in accommodation constructed by locals in the heart of a jungle community, simple with shower, toilet and communal space with areas to work and relax. If you would like to request a single room please contact us for availability. Stay connected with other creative participants and focus on your projects while we take care of daily logistics.

Studio/ Workspace
There will be a set communal workspace for artists provided with desks and chairs. Artists are also encouraged to use the nature and environment as their workspace - work outdoors along the coast, in the jungle or within the community.

Cost and Support
We offer financial aid to artists and the expedition fees include -

- Accommodation
- Food for communal cooking (3 meals a day) 
- Local transfers
- Communal Workspace
- Local Support / English Speaking guides
- Research Trips
- Lecture series, Demonstrations with Local Practitioners 

Check program fees on our website. We also offer advice to find further funding. 

Application information
Online application form, no fees to apply. 

Expedition Opportunity - Tropic 08°N

Expedition Opportunity - Tropic 08°N


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