Deadline: 15/04/2018

2018 Seoul Dance Center´s Open Call

Open Call: Participants in Residency for international artists.

2018 OPEN CALL for International Artists in Residnece

The Seoul Dance Center (SDC) at the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture (SFAC) cordially extends its invitation to foreign artists and Korean choreographers based overseas with an interest in taking up a residency in South Korea. We look forward to your participation in the 2018 open call and hope that this opportunity will pave the way toward closer ties between South Korean artists and the international dance community at large, thereby strengthening the diversity and vitality of our field.

Target Applicants
∙ Artists with plans to work or conduct research in South Korea
∙ Artists capable of conducting workshops or showcases
∙ Foreign artists / Korean nationals with a year or more of overseas residence / Korean nationals who hold a position within an overseas dance company and are able to provide documentation of their work over the past three years
※ Applicants must meet all three criteria listed above.
※ Group applicants must not exceed three members; any additional personnel will be required to rent their space for a fee.
※ We do not accept applicants slated to participate in other residencies during the term of the 2018 SDC residency.

Application Period
28 March 2018(Wednesday) - 15 April 2018, 24:00(Sunday) (Korean Time)

Period of Residency
∙ The accepted applicants will take up residency during a period of their choosing (no longer than three months) from within one of the following time slots.

① Slot 1: May 2018 – August 2018
② Slot 2: September 2018 – December 2018
③ Slot 3: January 2019 – March 2019

How to Apply
∙ Send all applications to
※ We do not accept applications delivered through postal service or in person.
※ Attach all relevant paperwork to one e-mail.
※ Title of E-mail: OpenCall_Name of Applicant
※ Provide all non-URL submissions in PDF or Microsoft Word format.
※Videos must be submitted as URLs rather than video files.

Paperwork for Application (total 5)

∙ Mandatory Paperwork (designated format)
① Application
② Workshop/showcase plans
③ Permission form for the collection of personal information

∙ Optional Paperwork
① Personal statement and portfolio (PDF or Microsoft Word)
② Video of live performance or related work (no more than three video links/include links within personal statement)

Post Acceptance Paperwork
① Permission form for use of video and images pertaining to residency
② Proof of travel insurance for duration of residency
③ Assorted paperwork for receipt of workshop/showcase funding

Number of Residencies
∙ Eleven teams in total (individual)
- Slot 1: Four teams (individual) / Slot 2: Four teams (individual) / Slot 3: Three teams (individual) [details may be subject to adjustment]
※ The program reserves the right to provide fewer or more positions depending on the quality and quantity of the applications received.
※ The number of alternate candidates will be restricted to approximately three teams (individual).

∙ Hostel lodgings and dance studios
∙ Workshop/showcase funding
① Maximum workshop funding: 2,500,000 won (for five two-hour sessions)
※ Workshop funding is issued in accordance with standard SFAC pay for lecturers and may differ depending on the artist.
② Maximum showcase funding: 500,000 won (for one hour-long session)
※ If funding allows, we will provide partial support when needed in the form of interpreters and technical staff.
※ Total funding per artist cannot exceed 2,500,000 won.
※Artists may choose between a workshop and showcase or choose to offer both.
∙ Visa-related assistance and facilitation of entry into and stay in South Korea

Work Requirements
∙ All artists must submit a report on work accomplished during their residency.
※ Work reports have no given format and may consist of written documentation, performances, colloquies, interviews, and etc.
※ All reports must be submitted via e-mail within three weeks of vacating the residency.
∙ All artists in residence must conduct a workshop or showcase.

Evaluation Process
○ A screening panel will evaluate the application paperwork in its entirety before deciding on final recipients.
○ Evaluation Criteria

Item (Point Distribution)


Specificity and Practicality of Plans (40)

- Suitability and practicality of work plans/project proposal
- Impact of the work (on other artists and general populace)

Potential for Artistic Growth (20)

- Originality and merit of artist’s work

Capacity for Collaboration and Communication (20)

- Possibility of communication with artists from unrelated genres
- Potential for growth of international influence

Necessity of SDC Residency (20)

- Usefulness of residency in relation to work plans
- Need for support from SDC program

○ Results are scheduled to be sent out via e-mail on 25 April 2018 (Wednesday)

Miscellaneous Information
○ Visit the English website for the SDC at and learn more about the program.
○ To reach the SDC by telephone, call 82-2-304-9735.

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2018 Seoul Dance Center´s Open Call

2018 Seoul Dance Center´s Open Call

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