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Desert 23°S – Develop site-responsive works in wild, natural environments

Engage with environmental and philosophical questions of our time through arts and culture.

Description of residency program
Located in the driest environment on the planet, this region closer resembles the surface of planet Mars than Earth. Despite the dry environment there is a diverse and rich ecosystem that exists thanks to the indigenous communities here that carry knowledge about the area and fight to protect it from destruction brought on by mining and intervention in the land. We are supporting sustainable eco-tourism run by indigenous groups that empowers locals to be financially autonomous and fight back to protect the environment. 

The dry conditions of the Atacama desert make it the most optimal place in the world for astronomy. We have been working with leading observatories and astronomers in the region to co-ordinate research visits for participants to inform their practice.

This project presents a rare opportunity to support the development of new projects informed by this environment and engage in urgent and valuable debate, whilst presenting benefits for local communities socially + economically through cultural exchange, whilst spreading their message to others globally.

This program offers participants a unique chance to reconnect with nature in a vast ever-changing environment spread between clusters of oasis villages where locals manage to live and cultivate in the driest place on earth, using ancient methods.  Experience the power of the Atacama desert, a place that gives access to illuminating night skies above and ancient archeological history below.

Live this transformative experience with an international group of participants, in a supportive and creative environment that seeks to experiment and push boundaries of researching and developing progressive interdisciplinary works, in relation to relevant subjects of our time.

Desert 23°S is a self-directed program over 21 - 42 days offering the space, time, and inspiration to develop new projects in order to promote necessary dialogues and understanding between remote areas of this planet and cities worldwide.

Duration of residency
21 - 42 days.


  • Oct 20 - Nov 10
  • Nov 12 - Dec 3 2018 (NEW)

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
All disciplines are welcome to participate in the project to create a dynamic, collaborative and open environment. Disciplines include sculpture, installation, site specific, community colaboration, drawing, painting, writing, music, photography, film, research etc.

Work equipment includes basic tools from the local area. Participants will have a network of support throughout the duration of your stay from both English speaking guides, experienced in fields of art + cultural subjects along with knowledgable local guides from the community.

A shared room situated in a tranquil oasis village, simple with showers, toilet and communal space with areas to work and relax. If you would like to request a single room please contact us for availability and fees. Stay connected with other creative participants and focus on your projects while we take care of daily logistics.

Studio/ workspace
Create in a communal and diverse workspace connected out to the desert oasis ecology. Here you can utilise basic tools + local materials in a creative + supportive environment.

Fees and support
Program fee covers all expedition costs. We currently offer financial aid on this program and support in finding further funding.

Expectations towards the artist
Artists must develop a self-directed proposal of work alongside the program and may be invited to participate in future exhibitions with us.

Application information
Please fill out our online application form from our website. No fees to apply.

Desert 23°S – Develop site-responsive works in wild, natural environments

Desert 23°S – Develop site-responsive works in wild, natural environments


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