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Residency South of France August 2018

The Residency is surrounded by beautiful protected nature in South of France near Narbonne.

Description of residency program
The residency is suitable for one or 2 artists who would like to work on their own project.

We welcome artists who would like to get inspired by the surrounding landscape.

Duration of residency
The Residency House in Peyriac de mer still available in August 18 and also in October 18.

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
Any media is possible, but you have to bring your own materials. We help you with advise where to findmaterials and are there for any other question.

This is a private residency house, ground floor with a garage door, shower and toilet and a space upstaire with rooflights and window, 2 beds, kitchen, fridge, washing machine. One artist can apply on his own or 2 artists ( or a couple) together. The artist on his own will be on his own. One of the beds can be moved downstairs.

The village is attracted by tourists in the summer because of the landscape. There is activity, a couple of bars and 3 or 4 restaurants, a shop and a bus to Narbonne.

Studio/ workspace
The work spaces are on both floors. There are tools like hammer, nails, screwdrivers etc and a bicycle.

Fees and support
rent and fee for one artist or student 780 euros/month

                   for 2 artists or students  980 euros/month

Expectations towards the artist
The artist has to work independetly but we are there for advise and help.

Application information
Please send information about yourself and your work (or your website address) and your project idea. We are happy to answer questions.

Residency South of France August  2018

Residency South of France August 2018


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