Deadline: 20/06/2018

Graphic Design for Development: call for graphic designer/illustrator

Are you a graphic designer or an illustrator? Would you like to make a difference in Senegal?

Description of residency
The Waaw residence is situated on the Saint-Louis island in the Senegal river, where the picturesque decay of the colonial architecture contrasts with the cultural expressions of modern West Africa.

But the post-colonial reality of Senegal is not only picturesque and colourful. Social development is hindered by low levels of literacy. This is partly due to the dominant position of French, a language not used or understood by the majority of the population. The status quo is upheld by the current elite and is rarely challenged. Wolof, the everyday idiom of urban Senegal, has a written standard, but is restricted to oral or informal domains and is not used as a medium of instruction in schools. While the advantages of mother tongue education have been scientifically proven all over the world, attitudes among Senegalese teachers and parents are not encouraging and there is a lack of study materials.

Would you like to get involved and contribute to change? In order to response to the need for visually attractive material for awareness-raising and learning, we are looking for a graphic designer and/or illustrator to work together with Waaw staff and local people active in the promotion of national languages. You would mainly design posters and similar promotional material for print and digital formats. The tasks would also involve illustration.

In addition, we offer another task which will also contribute to local development, namely map making. In Saint-Louis, there is a need for printed maps for visitors, particularly to promote businesses of local artists and craftspeople. You could make use of existing print and online maps, using your own design. Waaw initiated a similar map project in 2016.

You would be given credit for your work and the copyright would be shared between you and Waaw, but this is, in principle, not a commercial project and you would therefore work on a volunteer basis (just like us at Waaw).

For any time left over, you are free to work on any own projects, attend language or craft classes or the documentary film festival Africadoc, or just explore Saint-Louis.

Duration of residency
This offer is restricted to the period 1 - 31 December 2018.

Simple single-room accommodation. See our residency page for details.

Studio/ workspace
Basic studio with tables and shelves, either for you alone or together with another Waaw artist. There is wifi, but as is the case in most parts of Africa, the connection is often rather poor.

Fees and support
For this particular residency, you pay a subsidised fee, €300 instead of the regular €500. The fee includes workspace, an orientation programme as well as assistance from Waaw hosts before and during your residency. No financial support is available.

Expectations towards the artist
Please bring necessary software and/or other equipment. You would share facilities with other international artists in residence at Waaw, and cover costs for travel and meals yourself.

Application information
Please send us an informal email and tell us about your past work and why you would like to come to Waaw for this residency. Knowledge of French and/or experience from West Africa would be an asset, but is not obligatory. We would like to hear from you by 20 June at the latest.

Selection process
Out of the applicants, we will select one person and announce the result by 10 July.

Graphic Design for Development: call for graphic designer/illustrator

Graphic Design for Development: call for graphic designer/illustrator


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