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Bisymmetry Image Making

Intaglio Print Folding Transfer Method.

Description of residency program
Registrations are now open!
Teacher: Koichi Yamamoto
5 days workshop
August 27-31th
10 a.m. 5 p.m.

Course description
Bisymmetry images are everywhere.

Aesthetically pleasing proportionality with balance that reflects beauty and perfection.

We look at them and interact with the familiar harmonious compositions everyday.

At this workshop, we are going to explore and make many symmetric compositions through copper Intaglio process through print folding transfer on Japanese paper and collages.

Duration of residency
1 week 

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
A complete intaglio workshop to make symmetric images in a professional printmaking studio, totally equipped. Good atmosphere and amazing people!

Accommodation in the residency.
Individual or shared rooms in the apartment.

Studio/ workspace
The studio is totally equipped for printmaking.
The artists will have space to work inside the studio and at the outspace in the garden.

Fees and support
750€ all the materials are included.

Application information
4 spaces still available

Bisymmetry Image Making

Bisymmetry Image Making


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