Deadline: 30/06/2018

Music Grant Palazzo Stabile

Palazzo Stabile is an art residency in the beautiful and tranquil Italian countryside.

Description of residency program
The residency does not follow a set program rather it provides the time, space and a serene atmosphere for artists to develop their personal project.

Duration of residency
2 weeks

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
Our music grant is for Musicians/producers/sound artists and all others who work creatively with sound. It separates from the other grants by providing free access to our Recording Studio including our in-house technician for two weeks.

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Studio/ workspace
We provide a space for artists who wish to immerse themselves in their work in a silent and peaceful environment. We have built a fully equipped recording studio with the opportunity to record in our many different spaces, including an old wine cellar, our huge artist space, and a purpuse built room designed by a professional acoustican. 

Fees and support
Free accomodation, free access to our recording studio and inhouse technician

Expectations towards the artist
Expectations from the artist is serious work; a digital summary of the project realized and communicating Palazzo Stabile when presenting the project to public.

Application information
Applications must be written in English containing CV, project proposal and a link showing your current work. Either to your website or PDF of maximum 10 images, link to Soundcloud/Vimeo or other sound/video links. All applications are sent to 

Music Grant Palazzo Stabile

Music Grant Palazzo Stabile


Application deadline

Residency starts

Residency ends

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