Deadline: 19/06/2018

Last Call for Balkan Residency in July & August 2018

Taste the cultural diversity of Bulgaria and provoke your creativity.

Description of residency program
Worls of Co encourage artists and creative professionals to live, work and explore Bulgaria together. Residents can develop ideas and experiment with different techniques while focusing on a personal project or collaborating with local and international creatives.

Duration of residency
From 1 to 2 months

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
Open for emerging and established artists, from all around the world. The language of instructions is English.

Accommodation & Studio/ workspace
Shared studio & living space is located at the city center. The space is furnished 140m² large, including Wi-Fi and all utilities (water, heating, energy, kitchen, toilet etc.) The artists are accommodated in a private fully furnished room, between 15 and 25 sqm. Each room consists of a bed, a nightstand and desk.

Fees and support
Residency program with provided accommodation: 650€ per month

If you share the room with another artist the price is 500€ per month for an artist

Residency program without provided accommodation: 350€ per month

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Accommodation & Shared studio 
Traditional craft workshops (carpet weaving and wood carving)
Weekly Bulgarian Chit-Chat language lessons
Artist studio / Museum or gallery visit
Artists' talk – present your art to the local audience
Collective Open studio day where you can exhibit and present your work at the end of the month
Sofia City Guide - a curated collection of art stores, print shops, contemporary galleries and museums
Weekly list of art and culture events in Sofia
Bulgarian phone number – SIM card

Last Call for Balkan Residency in July & August 2018

Last Call for Balkan Residency in July & August 2018


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