Deadline: 15/10/2018

Nelimarkka Residency´s call for artists in May - October 2019

Nelimarkka Residency is a serene working environment in the peaceful countryside of Alajärvi.

Description of residency program
The Nelimarkka Residency carries out artist Eero Nelimarkka’s long-term dream of establishing an art school. The residency is located in a rural setting, four kilometres from the small Alajärvi Centre, close to a lake and natural surroundings. Circa 10 artists live and work at the residency annually.

The residency building, Villa Nelimarkka, is located 500 meters from the museum and 4 km from Alajärvi town center. The gambrel roof villa was designed and built by Eero Nelimarkka as a summer house for his family in 1933. It was completely restored to its old looks in 2013. The Villa has a large yard and the upstairs was designed specifically as a studio space. During the summer, the downstairs is open to the public Tue-Fri 13-17 and there are occasional events at other times.

The virtue of Nelimarkka Residency is its peaceful surroundings and nature. Surrounded by pine, spruce and birch trees with Alajärvi lake nearby means that the artist staying at the house really gets a quiet and serene working environment. The light and nature outside has its special features in different seasons. Alajärvi is a small town in the countryside with somewhat 10 000 habitants.

Duration of residency is 1-3 months
Upcoming deadlines for residencies:

DEAD LINE: 15th of October 2018 for May to October 2019
Ask for other available residency periods and possible cancellations for 2019.

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
Nelimarkka Residency is looking for artists on all fields of visual arts.

Accommodation and studio/workspace
A residency includes the use of a studio, common areas, and a private bedroom. Villa Nelimarkka has two bedrooms and studios. Both of the bedrooms and studios are upstairs of the villa. Depending on bookings 1-2 artists can stay in the Villa at a time. The Villa is ideal also for an artist couple, family or co-operative artists. If there is a larger art group wanting to take part more beds can be arranged.

1st studio-bedroom combination: a lockable bedroom plus a separate open studio space without a door just above the staircase.
2nd studio-bedroom combination: bedroom and studio in the same space which can be locked.

Common areas such as the kitchen and shower are downstairs. There is a wifi-connection at the Villa and a laundry machine at the museum. The laundry machine can be used whenever the staff is present. Also the museum provides a bicycle to go around town.

If you are a printmaker we have an intaglio and a lithography press in a workshop space next to the museum. The space is used also for museum workshops and by the local folk high school but the presses can be used when the space is free.

Fees and support
The rent for a studio and bedroom with a shared kitchen and bathroom is 400€/month (incl. taxes) or 200€/month plus a workshop or artwork donation for the museum. Donations are considered on occasion. The artist pays for their own material, living and travel expenses. The rent is always the same per artist staying at the Villa.

Expectations towards the artist
The artist can compensate half of the rent by giving a workshop for the museum.
The museum usually offers a workshop to the museum’s customers together with the artist-in-residence but it is optional. The museum provides all the material for the workshop. Also if the artist is willing to give a talk the museum is pleased to organize it and help with the arrangements but this is not obligatory. The possibility to exhibit work during or after the residency period is considered on occasion.

Application information
Please fill out and print the application form and send it via mail or email. Please attach your work plan, previous work examples (jpg or pdf form or website) and a CV/resume. Please include the preferred date(s) and length of your stay on your application.

Send your application to:
Pekkolantie 115
FI-62900 Alajärvi
or email to:

The selections for residencies are made by the Nelimarkka Museum staff soon after the dead lines. All applicants are personally informed of the decisions.

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Nelimarkka Residency´s call for artists in  May - October 2019

Nelimarkka Residency´s call for artists in May - October 2019


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