Deadline: Open call

ROOSTERGNN Artist Residency 2019| Havana & Trinidad, Cuba

Limited spots available. Open to all nationalities.



Limited spots available. Open to all nationalities.

ROOSTERGNN Global News Network ( is accepting applications for its first open call for the ROOSTERGNN ARTIST RESIDENCY in Havana and Trinidad, Cuba, to host Artists-in-Residence in the following disciplines: writers, journalists, bloggers, photographers, filmmakers, videographers, new media artists, graphic designers, visual artists, dancers, actors, musicians and composers.

Project Scope.

Every Resident works on a self-directed creative project throughout his or her Residency. Candidates should detail their project proposal in the application form. It is not required that residents finish an entire project during their stay at the Cuba Residency; you can work on a project you have started elsewhere, or work on a project in a brainstorming format and continue to work on it after the program.

Language. The Residency is open to all nationalities and languages. We remind Residents that our attention and communications are conducted exclusively in English or Spanish.

Types of Residents admitted.

Residents will need to provide their own materials to complete their artistic project (e.g. depending on discipline: laptops, cameras, tripods, paints, instruments, etc.) Please make sure that your materials can be transported easily.

Writers. Applications are open to writers of all literary disciplines: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, short stories, etc. The proposal can be to work on an existing project (e.g. if you are already working on a book) or to complete an entire project during your residency in Cuba (e.g. a collection of poems about Cuba). Texts can be written in all languages.

Journalists and Bloggers. As a news agency, also welcomes journalists and bloggers-in-residence. Proposals can be based around a specific theme, e.g. reporting on current events or around a theme, e.g. art, culture, sports, travel, fashion, style, food, etc. If the Resident is interested in publishing his or her texts on, they must be written in English or Spanish.

Photographers. Photographers can be of all different disciplines, from artistic photography to street photography to photojournalism. Selected works may be published on

Filmmakers and videographers. Filmmakers of all disciplines are welcome: film, short film, documentary, video, etc. Selected works may be published on

New Media Artists and Graphic Designers. Applications are open all artists who use new media and/or graphic design to create art.

Visual Artists. Applications are open to visual artists of all disciplines (painting, drawing, sketching, etc.)

Dancers and Actors/Actresses. Applications are open to dancers and actors/actresses. We recommend that those Residents interested in dance take advantage of their stay to be inspired by the salsa culture in Cuba and its varied ethnic dances. Residents interested in the field of theater may also consider attending plays at the Gran Teatro de La Habana, for example.

Musicians and Composers. Applications are open to musicians and composers. The Resident must carry his/her own material (e.g. instrument) to carry out his/her project;we recommend that the dimension of the materials be transportable since the Residency is carried out in two cities: Havana and Trinidad.

Characteristics of the Residency, Facilities & Benefits.

The Residency includes the following:

1. ACCOMMODATION. The Residency Fee includes housing in colonial “boutique” style houses with Cuban host families specifically selected by RGNN in Central Havana and Central Trinidad, with a Cuban family to welcome and attend to them. The accommodation is private or shared in double rooms (2 individual beds). The rooms, of a colonial style, are spacious and well illuminated, and all of them have their own bathroom and air conditioning. All of the houses moreover have a spacious common area, such as a salon or rooftop terrace, to work on the artistic projects. The entry of persons foreign to the Program (Cubans and non-Cubans) is not permitted in the houses. The sale of alcohol within the houses is also not permitted. All rooms are single sex. RGNN will assign accommodation.


The Residency Fee includes half-board: breakfast and lunch.

Breakfast. Breakfasts take place at the “boutique” style accommodations in Havana and Trinidad. The breakfasts are ample, and usually include, depending on the house, cheese, ham, bread/sandwich, butter, jam, honey, eggs or omelettes, sweets and desserts, pies, in addition to coffee, tea, milk, juice, for example.

Lunch. Lunches takes place at the “boutique” style accommodations and/or traditional Cuban “paladares” (restaurants) in Havana and Trinidad. On travel days (e.g. the day Residents transfer from Havana to Trinidad), the lunch will include a packed lunch. 

3. PRE-ARRIVAL PROJECT ORIENTATION. Artists-in-Residence will benefit from project orientation prior to their arrival. All requests for guidance must be received and processed at least sixty (60) days before the start of the program and is done primarily via email.

4. ORIENTATION COORDINATOR. The Residency program is supervised by an Orientation Coordinator in charge of the logistics of the Residency and at the Residents’ disposal for orientating them in Cuba and with their projects. Please note that Residents complete a self-directed project; the Orientation Coordinator does not complete the project on behalf of the Resident; his or her job is to orient the Resident. The Orientation Coordinator is bilingual (English and Spanish).

5. PHOTO BOOK OF THE RESIDENCY PROJECT. For each Resident, ROOSTERGNN will conduct a photo shoot with a professional photographer, so that Residents have a photo book of their projects.

6. PROFESSIONAL HEADSHOT PHOTOSHOOT. In addition to the photo book of the Residency project, the professional photographer will take professional headshots for the Residents that they can use for their future career, websites, Linkedin profiles, social media networks, etc.

7. PUBLICATION AND PROMOTION ON RGNN.ORG. The projects and/or interviews with Residents moreover can be published by the agency,, as well as on its diverse communication channels and social media networks, allowing Residents to publish and promote their work to a global audience.

Applications are open for the following dates:

July 11, 2019 to July 20, 2019. (10 nights)
July 20, 2019 to July 31, 2019. (10 nights)

July 11, 2019 to July 20, 2019. (10 nights)
July 20, 2019 to July 31, 2019. (10 nights)

850 Euros per 10-night package in shared (double) accommodation.

1,200 Euros per 10-night package in private accommodation.

Note. It is possible to combine packages and programs, for example 10 nights in Havana followed by 10 nights in Trinidad. The Residency Fees will be adjusted according to the package of the programs chosen.

The selection of accommodation (private or shared) is subject to availability.


To simplify application and enrollment processes, all Residency fee packages are already being subsidized by Therefore, no additional scholarships are being planned for the Artist Residency in Cuba in 2019.

Please consult the following links for information about third-party funding.

Payment of Residency Fee.

Residency Fees should be paid via bank transfer or cash deposit into a bank account that will be provided to selected candidates.

Once accepted by ROOSTERGNN, candidates will have seventy-two (72) business hours to make a five-hundred (500) Euro deposit for the Residency. The rest of the Residency Fee will be due ten (10) business days after having paid the deposit, always before the start date of the Residency.


To apply for a spot, please fill out the following form:

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ROOSTERGNN Artist Residency 2019| Havana & Trinidad, Cuba

ROOSTERGNN Artist Residency 2019| Havana & Trinidad, Cuba


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