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Open Call // Taking Hold – The Double Bridge

Led by and developed in collaboration with artist and researcher Phoebe Davies.

Taking Hold – The Double Bridge will explore and question the ways that solidarity, competition and antagonism find physical expression in social relationships. It will use performance for camera to test the spoken and unspoken rules of public bodily contact: for instance, in greetings, contact sports or on the dance floor. The process will be underpinned by Phoebe Davies’ personal research into power dynamics, plus her collaborative enquiry into the concept of ‘pack mentalities’ and intersectional perspectives with performer and choreographer Nandi Bhebhe, as Bhebhe&Davies. 

During the residency, Davies plans to work on a series of filmed and photographed performances. She invites interested members of the residency group to get involved in whatever aspects of the work connect to their own practices: for example, in performance to camera, staging, filming, related critical discussion, or all of these.

Residents will have scope to develop self-led projects relating to the residency theme; to participate in group activities, visits, and discussions, and to learn about and support each other’s practices. The residency will start with introductions, group discussion and the identification of individual and collective goals and working methods: these may include staged performances, off-site filming, critical discussions, listening sessions, film screenings, zine making, group walks and runs and movement workshops. Davies’s collaborator Nandi Bhebhe will join the group to co-lead a research weekend investigating the politics and dynamics surrounding how we physically occupy social space.

Participating residents are expected to be present and engaged throughout the residency, and the group will come together at least two days a week for focused peer-to-peer research. Participants will be invited to make an informal introductory presentation of their work to the rest of the group and members of the public. A series of public events will function as focus points for the residency and open up its dialogues to a wider audience. Elements of the residency will involve physical activity, but these will be optional and participating residents will be free to determine their own level of involvement.

Phoebe Davies is a Welsh artist and researcher, presently based at Somerset House Studios in London. Her practice investigates people’s perceptions of their social framing, and she frequently uses collaboration, collective action and Do It Together strategies to make work with individuals, groups and communities.

Through her work Davies often finds herself referencing and exploring collaborative models of working across different social and cultural sectors. Recently, she has investigated ideas taken from areas as disparate as basketball, feminist organisation, science fiction and methods of organic farming.

Recent projects have led  her to work with sex educators, secondary school students, elderly residents in care homes, sports teams and DJs as well as art spaces and institutions, including Tate Britain and Tate Modern (London), Whitechapel Gallery (London), Arnolfini (Bristol), Fierce Festival (Birmingham), South London Gallery (London), Wysing Arts Centre (London), Steirischer Herbst (Graz, AUT), Assembly (Portland, USA) and SA-UK SEASONS 2015 (Johannesburg, ZA).

The final forms of Davies’s work are project dependent, and have included live performances, video, audio, print works and constructed social spaces. She currently co-facilitates three research groups: Bedfellows, a radical sex re-education research project; Synaptic Island, a London-based womxn and non-binary DJ collective; and Art is Action, a UK-based social practice research group. In 2015 she was awarded the British Council’s Social Practice Fellowship for the International Cultural Exchange U.S.Program, and she is currently supported by Syllabus III, an UK-wide alternative peer-led learning programme for artists.

PRAKSIS seeks to recruit a well-integrated residency community of between five and eight people interested both to develop their own work and actively participate in group activity, discussion and creative exchange around the residency theme.

This residency is multidisciplinary: applications are welcomed from anyone with relevant experience and interests. The selection will be based on a general fit between applicants’ interests and practices and the residency theme. We hope to bring together a diverse group with a mixture of individual skills including but not limited to: research, video, audio, photography, print and performance. For this residency, previous movement/performance experience is not required.

PRAKSIS aims to provide an environment for development and professional growth: applications are welcome from practitioners of differing ages and experience levels.

PRAKSIS residencies are intensive and structured around the interests and needs of their participants. The particular form that each residency takes is developed collectively through discussion once the group comes together. Group members are encouraged to share their reasons for applying and what they hope to get out of their time with PRAKSIS.

Residents are welcomed to suggest or lead an action, activity or workshop that will clarify and support their own background interests or methodologies. Participants are also encouraged to contribute towards a shared resource list in advance of the residency, potentially including readings, podcasts, films or other materials for consideration during the residency.

This residency offers comfortable accommodation for non-Oslo based residents in central Oslo. Local residents will continue to live at their usual address. The residency community will regularly come together at the residency studio space, and at organised events and meals.

Weekly meals will bring the residency community together for discussion, debate and friendship. On week days PRAKSIS will provide lunch at the working space. Dinners for all residents with invited guests will be held weekly.

Oslo has a vibrant and adventurous arts landscape. PRAKSIS will provide residents with information and links to the city’s cultural scene, informing them about exhibitions, talks, performances and other events. PRAKSIS seeks wherever possible to connect participants with relevant organisations and individuals in Oslo. PRAKSIS residencies aims to introduce the residency community to Oslo creatives in various spheres including among others: curators, writers, and artists.

Activities and events will be held at PRAKSIS’s space in central Oslo and other locations in the city. At the start of the residency, participants are invited to make a presentation, informally introducing themselves and their practice to the rest of the group. Other potential activities include residency-related visits, a tour of Oslo's galleries, networking events, discussions and group critiques – some open to the public.

While the residency is free and offers accommodation and meals, PRAKSIS regrets that it cannot yet offer transport costs or stipends. However, where possible, the team is happy to offer advice and support applications for external grants.


  • English is the common language at PRAKSIS and residencies must be sufficiently fluent to participate in group discussion and activity.
  • Residents are expected to involve themselves fully in the work of the residency: joining meals, participating in events and engaging with the resident community.
  • Accepting a residency involves a commitment to participation for the full residency term.


Please submit:

  • A completed application form. We kindly request that you send a PDF version of the application. - As an alternative to a written application you are welcome to answer the questions in the form by recorded audio file. 
  • Recent CV/resume.
  • Portfolio (only one PDF file). Up to 5 images. The images should include captions or short descriptions.  For videos/films, please provide links to your own website, Vimeo page, YouTube page, etc. Do not attach actual video files.

Please submit only electronic copies of the above in ONE email under 5 MB to: 

In the subject line of your email, please write your name and country of residence per the following order:  Last Name, First Name, Country.

Selections will be made by Phoebe Davies and PRAKSIS’s team on the basis of each individual’s potential to participate in and benefit from residency involvement, and are not based on applicants’ academic or professional backgrounds. Successful applicants will be selected for Skype interviews with residency admissions jury, which will take place shortly after the application deadline.


There is an application fee towards administrative costs of 70 NOK (£6.50 as of 11/06/18). Please see website for payment option. 

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Open Call // Taking Hold – The Double Bridge

Open Call // Taking Hold – The Double Bridge


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