Deadline: 07/08/2018

Sound and music Residency - Somsocosmos

Somsocomos is an immersive sound residency, located in the mountains close to Rio de Janeiro.

Somsocomos is an imersive sound residency, which will happen from the 20th October to the 4th of November 2018. The resident group will be selected through open call, and consist of 14 residents, including 2 full grants for the development of a radiophonic project.
The project aims to stimulate research and creation, and considers sound in its expanded field. The residents can be musicians, artists, and anyone whose work is related to sound (terapeuts, dancers, writers, filmmakers, researchers, scientists, etc). We mediate the group, establishing collective meetings and a collaborative calendar, which enrich the establishment of partnerships and exchanges between residents.

The residency is a fertile soil for experimentation. We do not ask for a result or a final product, as the main focus is the artistic processes itself. Applications can be made by single applicants, collectives, bands, etc. Please ask about bringing your child or partner, which we might be able to host, depending on availability.

Please send us the completed application form + Portfolio or CV/minibio.

You may send up to three links with a brief description, to illustrate your project/past work.

Sound and music Residency - Somsocosmos

Sound and music Residency - Somsocosmos


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