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For writers working in any genre (fiction, nonfiction, or poetry)Explore Indian culture.

Description of residency program
INDIA Writer’s Residency (IWR) is a three-week (one can apply for FOUR WEEK too) residency for writers working in any genre (fiction, nonfiction, or poetry), on any theme and who want to explore the rich culture of India and different characters and stories of India and interact with Indian Writers from various genre.

The exclusive cultural experience and interaction with people and writers and visiting different cultural and historical places, exclusive festivals, films, customs, family and community will inspire writers greatly. It may give new dimension and provide enough inspiration for writers from every genre. The interaction with Indian Writers and experiencing Indian family and interacting with local people are the main highlight of this Writer’s Residency.

Writers will enjoy dedicated, uninterrupted writing time in a spectacular setting, and the community of a small group of writers under the guidance of two experienced and award-winning Indian writers.

This program overlaps with the KALINGA Literary Fest and Bhubaneswar Book Festival, and the writers of the residency can be part of the guest artists of the Bhubaneswar Book Festival program (visiting authors, editors, or agents) offer further enrichment and inspiration. There is a possibility to have great interaction and inter-cultural opportunities during the book festival.

Key Points
2.Learn Indian Cuisine ( three minimum and maximum 7 )
3.Learn Indian language ( basics)
4. Literary fest ( in January and June )
5. Bhubaneswar Book Festival ( Only for January )
6. Writers meet and interaction with local writers
7. Presentation of work and talk
8. Interaction with Indian family and local community
9. Enjoy Bollywood film and music
10. Host by Award winning Writer

This Residency Program is part of the US-INDIA Cultural Exchange Program and CCC : Commonwealth Culture Cult ( countries of commonwealth nations ). To know more about US-INDIA  Cultural Exchange, and CCC please click here.

The Writers will participate to understand, experience and learn about Indian culture and literature, art and it will be an exchange of culture in true sense during their stay at KIAR INDIA Writer’s Residency. The writers will be able to explore the world famous temple architecture dates back to 6th century till date and various crafts and textiles and hand-made fabrics as well a true spiritual Indian culture.

There are a lot of  important places to explore in terms of art, architecture, craft, culture, heritage, textile, wild-life, religious monuments of Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and a lot of delicious food and beaches to relax.

What does the program offer?
Participants will work in the peace and isolation of KIAR  Residency and consultation with Local writer, Anand Pahi, award-winning author and founder of writer association in Bhubaneswar; and Baishnav Mohanty, founder of writer association.

Prior to the start of the residency, writers will submit some 5,000 words from their projects. Intensive editing, both conceptual and detailed, of these or other passages forms the foundation of the program, although longer texts can be discussed.

During the program, participants will take part in twice-weekly, two-hour interaction with the help of local writer group, where participants will critique and support each other’s work with detailed attention to texts of 20 pages or less per writer.

Writers will also have access to the  Kalinga Literray Fest and Bhubaneswar Book Festival, which attracts accomplished authors from around India and world.

Who should apply?
Writers in all genres—fiction, nonfiction, poetry, essay, history, biography, and memoir—are encouraged to apply. Both established and emerging writers are welcome.

Jan 05 – Jan 27,  2019( Application dead line 20th November 2018 )
June 05- June 27,  2019( Application dead line 20th April 2019 )
( Based on availability )

Fees and support
After deduction of stipend for  21 days Residency Artist Pays : ( Residency Fee 1200$- Stipend 400$) 800$USD
Note: COST OF 21 days  RESIDENCY : 1200 $USD per person : KIAR Stipend per person  : 400 $USD

After deduction of stipend for  28 days Residency Artist Pays : ( Residency Fee 1600$- Stipend 500$) 1100$USD
Note: COST OF 30 days  RESIDENCY: 1600 $USD per person: KIAR Stipend per person: 500 $USD
800$ USD for 21 days per person 1100$ USD for 30 days per person on twin sharing.

875$ USD for 15 days per person 1200$ USD for 30 days per person on single occupancy.
Extra Fee: For Puri and Konark and Craft village  Extra: 250$ – 260$ per person onward depends on numbers of days.
Note: Each applicant has to pay 100 $USD ( not returnable ) within 12 days of the approval  date of the application to reserve the place.Otherwise it will be open for others.

Residency Fee includes
Accommodation + Food + Work Space + Electricity and Taxes

KIAR Sponsor

  • Airport pick up and drop
  • Workshop on Indian Art and Culture
  • Dinner /Lunch with Indian Family ( optional )
  • Culture Tour
  • Writers Meet
  • Presentation of Work and talk
  • Bollywood Film Ticket and Tour ( optional )
  • City Tour
  • Local Transport of City Tour
  • WIFI
  • First Aid Medicines

Residency Fee does not includes

  • Air Travel from your country
  • VISA
  • Entry tickets for different sites
  • Personal expenditure
  • Personal Transport cost not comes under residency fee
  • Art Materials

Application who/how 
Ans: Writers in all genres—fiction, nonfiction, poetry, essay, history, biography, and memoir—are encouraged to apply. Both established and emerging writers are welcome. One can apply with 5000 words writing to  with heading ‘INDIA Writer’s Residency ‘ .
Selection procedure :By Committee

Expectations towards the Resident

1. All residents are expected to do a power point presentation on their work and their country.

2. All the residents has to contribute something to the collection of the international collection for the residency.

Presentation of writer’s work: Arranged on a case-by-case basis
Setting: Urban with Rural feel ( traditional and spiritual as well as modern )
Accomodation: Private and Shared rooms
Working language(s): English


  • 24-hour access to studio together with other artists
  • The opportunity to work uninterrupted in our studios at the residency venue
  • Access to an individual adviser
  • Opportunity of workshop with Indian Traditional Artists
  • Printer and Scanner
  • Washing machine
  • Refrigerator
  • Open kitchen
  • Printer ( with minimal charges )
  • Open Studio
  • Roof top

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