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“The Language of Light”

The language of light encourages proposals to explore light as language through all art disciplines.

 “The Language of Light”, 2019 Call for Artists and Teachers (Costa Rica)

 Jaguar Luna Cultural Arts Collective

Description of residency program

The Jaguar Luna Cultural Arts Collective began in 2010 with the dream to collaborate with nature, local community and artists on the central theme of nourishing the imaginal realm in a space to explore consciousness. The name was acquired based upon metaphoric suggestion of the colibrí(hummingbird) – messenger of joy, jaguar–visionary, luna(moon) – intuition, and mariposa(butterfly) – metamorphosis.

Each year we look to develop and continue a set of thematic frames that help to develop the mythology and guiding narrative of this art/ecology center. Hence, we developed a prior theme, Pillars and Pollinators, that invited projects which explored art as a pillar bringing heaven to earth, the seedlings of a new consciousness.

In 2019 we introduce “The Language of Light”. This builds from the pollinators concept and the forming of the “hive”. With the affects of social media saturation still undetermined, we spread our thoughts via fiber optic light. The language of lightencourages proposals to explore light as language, whether, words, paints, structure or gardens, an artist dances refracted light in some for or another, conjuring from the void/darkness into the light. The language of light inspires each participant to develop a new philological for art and its inherent potential for change to cultures and communication. Many of us come from different cultural, religious, sexual identities, yet we all dance with the light. How would your project awaken the light on the land, this region, bringing down the illumination, and consciousness of the stars?

Duration of residency
3 weeks to 6 months *longer stays on approval

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
Theatre, Drawing & Painting, Film, Media Art, Writing, Sculpture, Metaphysics, Furniture, Photography, Dance, Performance Art, Music, Landscaping, Healing Arts, Herbal Medicine, Culinary Arts

Residents will be assigned based on project and length of stay to private living quarters of either a cabin or apartment. There are shared, clean “dry” bathrooms, 2 rainwater flush toilets and heated showers.   The cabins are furnished with hammock, chairs, table, lights, fan, bed and front porch. Cabins have electricity. WIFI is only available in the main building and has intermittent 3G and 4G. The apartments are furnished with writing desk, beds, hammocks, some have easels and each are near a bathroom. Currently all laundry is done by each individual by hand.

There is a large supermarket, hardware store, small restaurant, small office supply, bakery (*WIFI avail), ATM, and used clothing bazaars. In the nearby regional city center one can find most anything including tahini, organic wine, sunflower seeds, etc. There are some things grown on the lands or available from neighbors on availability (bananas, plantains, cilantro, cheese, eggs, lettuce, some fruits are wild from local trees, etc.) Many buses pass thru our pueblo on a daily basis connecting to every part of the country and also to the border of Panama (1 hour). The water is clean to drink. Accommodation is assigned on need/duration, and project.

Location: Agua Buena, Coto Brus, Puntarenas, Costa Rica. A short distance from the Panama border, the site is in a coastal mountain region (*avg daily temp 75°). Surrounded by farms and tracts of virgin forest we are located above a river valley with various waterfalls and bathing areas. The region is outside the normal tourist path and offers a glimpse into traditional “Tico” life. Nearby are Guaymi and Baruca indigenous villages. Reached by most international airlines to the capital, San Jose, the site is 7 hours by bus and 5 hours by car. Taxis provide service to the local pueblo (6$US).  It is also a 20-minute walk. Weather is typical rain forest with abundant morning sun and afternoon storms with clear nights.

English, Spanish

Studio/ workspace
Facilities include exhibition space (main building), 4 private studio cabins, 4 private dormitory style rooms, dramatic landscape for hiking/walks, communal kitchen/dining, workshop, and meditation garden, greenhouse. There is a outdoor amphitheater for performance or readings/discussions.

Studio information: Artists are provided with an individual work/live space as well as 3 work areas to use for reading/writing and various other tasks depending on need. There are abundant spaces outdoors to use for various activities.

Expectations towards the artist
Artist agrees to develop one piece to donate to the school/community or to offer a lecture and or class on their medium to locals and visitors.

Fees and support
Paid by artist: food (except lunch 5 days a week), art supplies, transportation.
Paid by host: Residencies include live/work space* awarded to 1 artist per year. Grant applications are available with awards of 25%-75% of residency fee. Costs vary on time of year, length of stay, and which location up to 1000$ a month.       

Application information
Artists over 18 years of age are eligible. Residencies are intended as creative opportunities for all genres and mediums. Artistic merit and promise are the basis for selections. Mature and emerging artists are encouraged to apply. Works will be reviewed on how they contribute to the environmental challenges of the area (reforestation), social challenges, and the future of art and sustainability. Core projects that explore systems of divination and metaphysics in relation to natural cycles and sacred geometric patterns and how these influence gardens, culture and economy will be given primary consideration, though all types of projects are encouraged. Residencies are open to all genders and sexual expression.

Please submit motivation for residency. Please explain why you may benefit from this locale and project and how you can benefit us? State possible physical outcome (tangible forms), length of stay, background (self-taught artists welcome), and photos of recent works. Send a description of how you plan to contribute either in commuity or art. We encourage interdisciplinary, cross-boundary proposals. We encourage seriously fun artisans rather than “temporary retreat” or “social superficially inclined” for this program. The center provides as best as possible a modest and peaceful location for maximum potential and opportunity to artists interested in making new discoveries and breakthroughs. Artists who are self-motivated, yet enjoy potential collaboration, will find comfort in solitude/isolation with moments of wonderful social interaction. One is encouraged to improvise, instigate, and honor all that is around them in a state of wonder and curiosity. Artists native to Costa Rica and Central America are encouraged to apply.

Deadline: ongoing for 2019
esidencies from Jan – December 2019 on a rotating basis.
Address: www.artistecologyresidency-jaguar Please send email for further guidelines or assistance with project proposal development!

A few key areas of focus and exploration:
Imagination and dreams – how our sense of wonder and curiosity can liberate apathy/boredom/loneliness and invite in profound decision-making and comfort with living along with nature.

Language/ thought – how communication stimulates the holographic vegetated world to respond. Words = change.

Governance - what is self-governance when principles (of kindness/generosity/spirit-of-fun/ empathic eye, e.g.) and common sense are invoked.

Subtlety - what does it mean to be subtle as a human being with 7.5 billion humans (and growing) during a state of consciousness in crisis?

Ceremony - how does one participate in ritual and embodiment on a regular basis sans religious dogma or protocol? How does one live life as beautifully as they can?

We believe that the imagination flourishes when dancing freely with the muse. When unobstructed by the constraints of outdated economic pressure and is promoted as the nutrient for living life to the fullest potential, each individual is encouraged to align with the tools that enable them to complete their life’s mission to the greatest potential possible and the good of all beings. Here there are tools of the sublime, the subtle, and the great mystery.

We intend to deliver culture and habitat restoration to this amazing part of the world. Nearby is one of the four most biologically diverse areas on the planet. What does it mean to live/dream near such a fragile ark of life? What is our responsibility? What is the next level of ecotourism and how do we change the bottom-line from money to cultural embellishment and stimulate habitat biodiversity into blooming? As a model for the next generation, the programs and creativity that spawns itself here, we hope our efforts will nurture every individual’s process. It is an opportunity to investigate incongruence and heal relationships by contemplating predator/prey, loneliness and boredom, and over stimulation of the senses. As artists/creators, we encourage each to find peace in process of healing separation with the divine and thereby capable of implementing the desired dream of peace on earth.

Our sanctuary is an open and action based forum. All sexualities/genders are welcome including all races – and extra-terrestrials.

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“The Language of Light”

“The Language of Light”

Costa Rica

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