Deadline: Open call

Open call for artists, writers and musicians to join our 2019 roster

We are an open and accepting organisation looking for artists to join us in the heart of Catalonia.

Description of residency program
A self-led residency in the heart of Catalonia, where the Independence movement is strong and the people are rooted firmly in their traditions and culture. An area of geological interest, vast organic beauty and a feeling of disconnect from the rest of the world. We are the ideal residency for those who wish to:

- Work on any existing project in a peaceful and uninterrupted environment


- Explore a geological area for incorporation into new or existing artworks
- Investigate the new and old faces of village with centuries-old family lineages
- Experience the grass-roots edge of the Catalan Independence Movement
- Take a look at a long traditional of ceramics for use in everyday life

Additional options:

- Enjoying the beauty of the local area on foot or by the artists' own transport
- Workshops for local people
- Collaborations with local artists
- Field trips around the region (please see details on the residency website)
- Exhibition

Duration of residency
Residencies are a minimum of three days and a maximum of three months.

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
We are best set up to cater for painters, illustrators, writers and classical musicians but we can also accomodate film-makers, photographers and sculptures. Please enquire so we can discuss your needs and make sure we have what you are looking for.

We keep only very basic art supplies on site: Gloves, rags, jars, peg line, printer paper - but we are very much open to facilitating other supplies on the basis that they are paid for by the artist. Please check we carry the equipment you accept ahead of your residency.

- Private bedroom with cotton bed linen, towels, hairdyer and character furniture
- Shared four-piece bathroom with toiletries (maximum two people sharing)
- Communal kitchen with bread, coffee, fruit and olive oil supplied
- Comfy seats around a woodburning fire for colder months
- large 'peace garden', full of plants, flowers, work-spaces and areas to relax

Studio/ workspace
Our 50m2 studio is shared by a maximum of two people. We have a sink, a large shared work table that can be separated into two and two Mabef M07 easels. Smaller workstations, ideal for writing, can be found dotted around the house and garden. The studio sink has hot and cold running water. Individual portable worklamps are provided. The studio is double aspect with natural northern light. Four cool bright overhead lights are also available. A short throw projector and sound system are also at your disposal.

Fees and support
All bedrooms are single occupancy.
One artist, three days: €105
One artist, seven days: €245
One artist, thirty days: €1050 (airport transfers included)

Additional nights are priced at €35 per night.

All costs are the responsibility of the artist, including food, transport and travel insurance. We gladly offer invite-letters and information about the organisation in support of funding applications.

Expectations towards the artist
Artists are expected to arrive with a plan of work for the duration of their stay. This does not need to be presented to the organiser and does not need to culminate in the production of an artwork - research and the exploration of ideas are considered sufficient. Communal activities - mainly walks and talks - are offered but are not obligatory. Artists are expected to be cordial and amenable to any other artist using the apartment or studio. The residency is in a small, tight knit community and we ask that you respect our neighbours.

Open call for artists, writers and musicians to join our 2019 roster

Open call for artists, writers and musicians to join our 2019 roster


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