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Artist Residency 2018 in Cerdeira, Portugal

Autumn artist residency in the mountains of Cerdeira, Portugal.

Description of residency program
Open call for our autumn residency in the mountains of Cerdeira, in the center of Portugal. We invite artists abroad to live and create among these beautiful hills, far from their routines, either for working in a new project or just to take some time to themselves. The tranquility of the village, its magnificent views, the comfort of the houses, its unique charm and the calmness of the surrounding nature make it the perfect place for you to be inspired with no interruptions.

Cerdeira Village Art & Craft created the artistic residences in 2014, in the unique environment of a recovered village of schist houses, surrounded by mountains and streams. These circumstances offer the artist an opportunity to get in touch with nature in a very special way - the village belongs to the people ... and the deer!

The location of this residence makes it very original and unique. In this context, these circumstances offer the artist an opportunity to get in touch with nature in a very special way.

In 2017 was created the Cerdeira Arts and Crafts School that has as its core mission to be a space for teaching traditional techniques that come out of intemporal lineages, and at the same time a space for creativity and art making aligned with contemporary dialogue.

Come to Cerdeira to be part of this pole of artistic creation in a close connection between art and nature. Also be aware of our workshops and master classes.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Duration of residency
Between 2 and 4 weeks
Longer term stays under request.

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
The residency program is open for professional artists and academics from all areas.

We have two different offers:

  • Residency in one of our individual guesthouses “Casa do Sol” or “Casa do Vale” with free access to the shared studios.

The houses are fully-equipped and have everything you need for a comfortable stay. They have twin room, bathroom, a living room/kitchen with workspace, and a balcony. All have central heating. Sheets, towels and breakfast are included.

  • Residency in a shared house, our “Residências” with optional access to shared studios. 

The traditional accommodation is in shared rooms. The house has two large rooms with central heating, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room.

Fees and support
1. Residency accomodation in one of our individual guesthouses from CerdeiraVillage project

  •          2 weeks (2pax)+ breakfast + studio access 1150€
  •          3 weeks (2pax)+ breakfast + studio access 1650€
  •          4 weeks (2pax)+ breakfast + studio access 2100€

Longer term stays under request.

2. Residency with accomodation in a shared room in the Residências building

  •          2 weeks 240€ + 100€ studio access
  •          3 weeks 340€ + 150€ studio access
  •          4 weeks 440€ + 200€ studio access

Longer term stays under request.

We provide the artists with basic support, linens and towels and weekly trips to Lousã, the next town with a wonderful weekly vegetable market and supermarket. 
Residents are required to bring what they need for their creative practice including art materials and personal computers if necessary. If there are any kind of materials/machines/tools you need, just talk to us in advance to know if we have them available in the village or where and how you can find them.
We encourage selected and enthusiastic artists to apply for grants or sponsors in their origin countries and we can help you by writing an invitational letter. Application is free. Please contact us and we will send you all the information about our residency programme & fees.

Studio/ workspace
Both accomodation option have access to our spacious and full of light shared studio  that will allow residents to work freely and in perfect conditions.

Our program is aimed to artists and creative individuals looking for an escape from the stress and business of their routine and having new creative experience or just taking some time for themselves. Is aimed to people who value nature, authenticity and silence or Artists who are looking for a quiet place to prepare their next personal project or installation.

Expectations towards the artist
Although not mandatory, artists are encouraged to hold a demonstration, workshop or exhibition.

Application information
For application forms and guidelines visit our website

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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Artist Residency 2018 in Cerdeira, Portugal

Artist Residency 2018 in Cerdeira, Portugal


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