Deadline: 16/12/2018

Work alongside traditional artists in India

Participate in the Colors, Patterns, and Spirituality of India┬┤s Traditional Arts.

Description of residency program
Kalakhetra Internataional Artist’s Residency is an artist run residency that seeks to bring western and other international artists into collaboration and exchange with the visual artists of Raghurajpur, a cultural villiage in Odisha (Orrisa) India. Staff for the program consist of two villiage artists: Sundarshan Swain (master stone carver) and Raghunath (Choi) Das (master palm leaf carver) , international coordinator: Emily Schuhmann (metalsmith and adjunct professor), and state coordinator Mahavir (Anu) Anjan Gourab. 

As a working international collaboration, the program blends local workshops arranged by Sundarshan and Choi with excursions, traditional studio time, and critiques/conversations arranged by Emily.

Duration of residency
Our main program lasts 5 weeks and begins in February. You can also design your own program for any time of year. 

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
Any discipline may apply. The program has some work equiptment availalbe for traiditional Indian art making methods- like primitive stone carving, paper machete', painting etc. All items are available on requestion. Those artists who need specific tools must bring their own or communicate what they need at least 3 weeks ahead of time. Any tools not included in what the studio has must be purchased by the artist. All tools (except those purchased for personal use) remain in the studio/villiage. 

Shared accomodations and private accomodations are available. Private accomodations are first come or need based. Residents live and work together. Beds are floor mats with Mosquito nets. Generally males and females live in separate quarters. Bathrooms are shared. There is one space available with private bed and bath. 2 Semi-private (shared bath) spaces, and a very large living space with shared bathroom in curent use. There is the possibility that we could find non-shared spaces for residents upon request (and generally this would require an additional fee).  

Studio/ workspace
Studio/workshop is an open shared room. There are many public spaces through the villiage that are also availalbe for art making. The large living space also includes 4 smaller rooms which can be divided and used as studio spaces. 

Fees and support
There is a 300 USD weekly charge for living quarters, daily workshops (including the nessesary tools/supplies for that specific art form), 3 meals a day (vegetarian with some fish), and instructors. 

KIAR can write support emails to residents applying for funds. We do not apply for the funds for you. We provide an email of affiliation, acceptance. 

Expectations towards the artist
Artists are able to take workshops as they please and make art work as they are inspired. They may be asked to speak about their work at a public event or to attend art or cultural events as they are organized- but invovlement/attendance is always at the discretion of the artist. 

Application information
To apply send a letter of interest to 

Work alongside traditional artists in India

Work alongside traditional artists in India


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