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Art Residency in warm welcoming Iran

Visual artists, writers or anyone who needs concentration outside of the daily routine is welcome!

Description of residency program
Sofia & Behzad are a couple of French and Iranian artist. They welcome both Iranian and international artists in their Art Residency since 2017. 

Visual artists, writers, curators or anyone who needs concentration outside of the daily routine is welcome! We do our best to make feel our guest comfortable. 

Accommodation and Studio/ workspace
The main place of the Residency where is the workshop is 60 km from Tehran. Usually, when the artist arrives in Iran, he comes directly from the airport to our place in Tehran where we have a cozy guest room. A few days are usually appreciable to visit the capital; We help you to become familiar with Tehran cultural and artistic atmosphere showing you some art galleries and arts community. We care about providing you the best Iranian dishes. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included. 

After this cultural immersion, we go to the Taste of Cherry Residency. This is 60 km west of Tehran in an agricultural area between Alborz mountains and Qazvin. It is also close to Alamut valley and the castle of the Assassins. The Residency is a peaceful 4000 square meter orchard of fruit trees where is a big familial home.  There are two rooms with two single bed, internet access, washer, air conditioning or gas stove, ping pong table, swimming pool, table football, dart... 

The workshop is an 80 square meter shared studio. There is also plenty of outside work-spaces. There are metal and ceramics facilities. In the area, we have also the advantage to have all kind of materials like metal, stone, wood… which would meet your needs.

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance

  • Visual Art
  •  New Media
  •  Sculpture
  •  Ceramics
  •  Literature

Fees and support
300 euros/week included accommodations, breakfast, lunch and dinner, shared studio, visiting galleries and transportation between Tehran and the Residency. Talks in an art gallery or exhibition can be considered. Excursions can be organized depending on program intend. 

Expectations towards the artist
1. Residents must be willing to follow the laws of Iran, including the rules of dress for men and women, and the laws against drinking and drugs. Residents are also responsible for obtaining a tourist visa.

2. Presentation

Suggested dates of residency
You can apply anytime for our guest room in Tehran in our place (one week maximum).
If you prefer to be in the countryside where is the workshop, here are suggested dates you could apply:

Here are suggested dates you could apply but don’t hesitate to propose your own dates by email.

07/02  to  16/02/2019
19/03  to  06/04/2019
09/05  to  18/05/2019

July and August 2019, from one week to one month. You can even visit Iran in between.

Application information
Send your website or CV, describe your project and your expectations to

Art Residency in warm welcoming Iran

Art Residency in warm welcoming Iran


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