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Description of residency program
Residency program for artists & any individual interested in creative production & cultural knowledge-sharing.

The live.make.share program is developed from Hanoi, Vietnam, under the umbrella of Undecided Productions & in collaboration with Hien Van Ceramics. We create studio & living spaces to welcome foreign artists & art managers. We also explore opportunities for Vietnamese artists to travel internationally & inter-regionally with their projects.

Duration of residency
Applications are currently open for the period of 1/04/2019 - 30/06/2019 & 1/10/2019 - 31/12/2019, specific dates are open for the resident to suggest. Artists based outside of Hanoi are encouraged to propose a residency of a minimum of 1 month, though depending on the project shorter visits may be welcome. Dates outside of these timeframes will be considered but are not priority.

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
Artist, creators, thinkers & dreamers all welcome to submit projects to be part of the residency program that currently runs during the months of: April / May / June & October / November / December

Accommodation and studio/ workspace
Our main residency space is in the region of Bac Ninh, in the Hien Van village, north-east of Hanoi. Residents have access to three main buildings:

  • The Zolinh House, a traditional style Vietnamese house owned by painter Mr. Bui Hoai Linh can easily accommodate up to 10 people & also includes small working spaces & a wide garden area.

  • The Factory, is a 1000m2 production space & the main studio of Hien Van Ceramics. The studio produces ceramics inspired by Vietnamese design from the 11th century, including Ly, Tran, Le & Mac dynasties to produce contemporary works for households or bespoke architecture projects.

  • The museum, is a double story exhibition space destined to become a gallery of traditional painting though is currently used as a large open space studio. The space is equipped with basic art production materials and can be arranged however the artist needs.

Fees and support
Dependent on agreed dates and required space. Negotiated on a case by case basis. For example residents of 2018 were charged on a basis of 200USD per month. 

Expectations towards the artist
live.make.share is a production & research based residency. Artists are expected to suggest at least one event open to the public. This is to be discussed upon arrival. 

Application information
To keep up to date on the program sign up for the newsletter HERE & feel free to perve on us through:facebook Instagram. We would love to meet you! Say hello, we enjoy chatting so write or just come by & have a cup of tea...

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