Deadline: 17/11/2018

La Wayaka Current - Desert 23º S/ Artist-Led Expedition Programme.

Investigate potentials of art+ecology in the driest environment on earth.

Description of Residency Program
At a time increasingly defined by cultural homogeny, climate chaos and mass extinction we retreat to some of the most remote parts of our planet, working directly with indigenous groups who are fighting for the protection of the planet - with the aim to expand notions of contemporary ecology + open up perceptions in new ways.

This artist-led program wishes to work together with creative practitioners who dare to use their practice as an exploratory tool to investigate new ways of being and explore deeper the connections that define our global age.

We wish to go beyond the constraints of existing institutions for this new research, deep into the natural world and as far away from homogenous constructs of society as possible to build new global networks and dialogues.

Our fluidly designed expeditions have been developing since 2015. They respond to remote natural biomes across the globe and seek to explore and facilitate the factors that catalyse new inspiration and thought, have profound impacts on individuals creative practice and lead to the development of projects that seek more sustainable futures for all. 

Investigating through a multitude of conceptual approaches, new ways we can view and exist in the planet around us and communicate these urgent issues through arts and culture today.

Desert 23’S will take place in the driest environment on the planet: the Atacama desert in South America, this region closer resembles the surface of planet Mars than Earth. There is a diverse and rich ecosystem that exists thanks to the indigenous communities here that carry knowledge about the area and fight to protect it from destruction brought on by mining and intervention in the land.

Living and working with local collaborators we are exposed to the rich knowledge and cultural traditions of this area that revolve around ecology in day to day life, with respect and understanding of nature and each other that has been lost throughout the world.

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
cross-disciplinary, basic tools available with experienced local guides (English Speaking and Spanish) taking care of the artists at all times.

A shared room situated in a tranquil oasis village, simple with showers, toilet and communal space with areas to work and relax.

Studio/ Workspace
communal work space with desks / chairs solar power + outdoor working environment

Cost and Support
£1700 / 21 days with financial aid (inc. food, water, accommodation, research trips, local transfers, talks series, workspace, local taxes, guides / English translators and artist support)

artists are responsible for funding their own travel and residency costs, we encourage artists who require further support to apply for funding and support from their national and local arts councils or other relevant funding bodies.

Expectations towards the artist 
We expect artists to carry out self-led practice and research alongside the programme. Artists may be invited to participate in future exhibitions with us after the programme ends.

Application Information
apply online - 
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La Wayaka Current - Desert 23º S/ Artist-Led Expedition Programme.

La Wayaka Current - Desert 23º S/ Artist-Led Expedition Programme.


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