Deadline: 30/12/2018

Shangyuan Art Museum Residency | Applications 2019

Apply Now for a 3 month residency in the capital of China!

Any application received after the deadline (CST 18:00, Dec. 30, 2018) will not be accepted.

Description of residency program
Some Chinese poets and critics speak of Shangyuan Art Scene as a utopia of art, which is to say that in a standardized, uniform society, Shangyuan Art Scene is in search of a certain kind of difference, whereby each individual, each creative, and every creative living entity is honored for the way in which they seek their value and meaning of life.

This utopia of art is the achievement of poet Cheng Xiaobei and a group of artists, poets, writers, and architects. Beginning in 2000, they raised funds by themselves and searched for a suitable location north of Beijing, at the foot of the Yan mountains. After they spent 7 years in site-selection, organizing, planning, and actual construction, the first stage of this modern architectural complex, with over 19,700 square meters and total floorage on 30,000 square meters of land was finished in late 2007. This complex, comprising 21 works of original modern architecture, includes a salon space, a library, an exhibition hall, an open-air platform (from which you can see Yan mountains), a video room, Liang Sicheng Memorial Exhibit Hall, a cafe, a writers’ apartments, artists’ studios, etc.

Duration of residency
The period of the residency should be at least 3 months between April and October 2019. (Exact period can be discussed later)

Disciplines supported and technical information
This residency program is for artists in the field of painting, sculpture, installation, performance, dance, music, video, multimedia, and poetry.

Accommodation & Studio
Both private and shared apartments are available, a private or shared studio and exhibition for three to seven months for free (whether it's shared or private apartment or studio depends on the time of arrival and their availability). We also organize a symposium which will also include exhibition, publication, and criticism on your work. Our aim is to discover and promote excellent art practitioners. We encourage art pertaining to one’s own existence and life experience, distinguished by creativity and poetic quality.

Expenses paid by artist

  • Travel
  • Supplies
  • Food and Other Living Costs
  • Electricity and Water Bill of the Apartment and Studio (Around 300 CNY per Month, roughly 50 USD)
  • A Security Deposit for all the equipment in the apartment and studio will be charged at the beginning, but it is refundable when finishing the residency.

Expectations towards the artist
Among all the works done in the residency, Shangyuan Art Scene has the right to select two pieces (if painting each one should be at least 2 sq m, if printmaking should be the only copy) as permanent. Works done during the residency program will be exhibited and managed by the Museum for at least 1 year. 40 percent of the profits from selling the works go to the Museum. During the period of the residency, the artist is expected to give a presentation to other artists about his/her art and his/her understanding of art.

Application Process
Please send in the following documents to

1. Pictures (Videos) of your works in separate JPG or MP4 files. With pictures, please include the information of Name, Material, Size and Time in the file name or in a separate MS Word file.
2. English CV in MS Word format. (Please do not send in documents in PDF format!)
3. Scan of your ID (Could be passport or your national ID, and it can be in PDF format. It will only be used for identification purposes. We will not disclose it with any other third party).
Please do not use Dropbox, Google Drive, or any other online file transfer services. Most of them cannot be accessed from China. It is better to just use email attachment. If your files are too big or too many, you can send them in parts via multiple email attachments, we will accept that.

Selection Process
Shangyuan Art Scene aims to choose 30 artists per year to participate in the residency program, which runs from April to October. There is no restriction in age, education, district, and race. It is required to be the author of the paintings, sculptures, architecture designs or other art forms which submitted and will be reviewed by three committee members of Shangyuan Art Scene. The results will be announced by the end of January 2019.

Shangyuan Art Museum Residency | Applications 2019

Shangyuan Art Museum Residency | Applications 2019


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