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kulturfactory 2019/2020 first deadline

each year selected artists in all contemporary disciplines are invited to experiment and research.

About us / art residency
Kulturscio’k is not-for-profit company dedicated to producing, discovering, supporting international contemporary artists working in performance, new forms, art, music, film, literature, architecture, theater, fashion and other creative disciplines and fostering opportunities for multi-disciplinary dialogue.

Innovation and development of new forms
The element of collaboration and exchange is one of the founding principals of the company and factory-residency is a new way to host artists, with the hope that by bringing together different areas of practice, we will generate new creative outlooks, unparalleled research, and exciting new impulses.

  • The goal of the residency is to create a dialogue a new way to form and perform.
  • To choose work that has as an objective to experiment and to explore unknown paths.
  • To meet new collaborations.
  • to create a new event /festival in the area inviting artists to come back to create site-specific works to collaborate in the art factory development.

The artist residency co-exists with the guest accommodation and interesting workshops that time by time coexist and can be attended by the selected artist. The resident artists become part of the community life. The small village of Domicella has one restaurant one bar one shop, no ATM.
And a very intimate and small community living close to the most beautiful ancient archeological sites in the entire world Pompei, Naples, amalfitan coast

Local life and artists /art factory
Artists Are welcome to integrate the community.
The kitchen can be run from different local people bringing local products to eat but normally each artist prepare his food and lunchtime or break is a moment where people can talk exchange or discover new forms of collaborations

Residency program
This is a call to select 18 artists. They will be hosted in the house in groups of maximum 8 people /10,  and have availability of rehearsal space and external spaces
A residency program that runs from July to December each year in Campania , Italy.
First season started in july 2018 with great response.
Located in the Vallo di Lauro Campania countryside, but less than 40 Minutes away from the unique sites of Pompei and Ercolano
We strongly suggest renting a car .

The location
Villa Santa Maria in domicella, sits in between Vesuvio and Vallo di Lauro , a site with old roots and a land rich of history and Culture. It is the ideal Place to develop an artistic project and to change cultural system.
The company offers artists a 6 /7 days / stay providing onsite accommodation and rehearsal space or studio . Residents are invited to live in the nineteenth century villa, a magnificent building just renovated belonging to a prestigious italian family which makes the place full of memories and real history .
Food and travel are at artists charge at least until we do not find public fundings to finance the space.
A program of regular workshops and other events are run by the company there in collaboration with the residents to promote interaction and exchange of ideas both among the residents and with the wider community. Further facilities include free wifi throughout the place, a huge rehearsal space a library
normally workshops are run with artists that come to the residency two or three times because reinvited by the company.

More about this place that is not like other places
The residence of Kulturscio’k in Domicella is located in the Santa Maria’s Property belonging to the prestigious neapolitan family Siniscalchi It is an ample construction marvellously restructured in 2014 and built in the beginnings of last century. Domicella is a small country situated in a woody basin to the borders of the Vallo of Lauro and Nola, almost 35 km from Naples (40 minutes by car).
Dipped in the green, Domicella is also characterized by a particularly mild climate. Fresh and windy air in summer, sweet in winter.
Displaced on 3 floors and absorbed in the light with 7 bed rooms , 6 baths, and an ample kitchen, the residence can arrive to host up to 13/15 people.

More about artists not like other artists ….
The residence has wireless, apple tv, airplay in the rehearsal room. From the great garden that surrounds the house characterized by fruit trees it is possible to relax enjoying the view of Vesuvius Vulcan and on the Valley of Lauro.
In the last floor, a room of 35 square meters with parquet can be used for stretching, meditation, watching videos etc..
Rehearsal room is a huge room of 110 square meters, 6 meters high, with linoleum on the floor, heater, dehumidification system. Particularly pleasant to work in the summer season in which the temperature of the room doesn’t overcome 25 degrees.
That is the reason why normally artists are lodged with other artists unless it is a rental request

Leaving us with a possibility to keep going the dialogue …
Artists are all requested to donate a work or a memory at the end of residency And to mention the name of residency in each future exhibition or conversation around the work and regular présentations And open doors to locals curators or guests
The objective is to keep a dialogue with selected artists to help them to find a network and to find a new form of collaboration
That is why once the artists are going to be invited to come back if there is a special reason to continue the dialogue with the company and with us
during the residency artistic directors and members of the company are in touch with artists, they will dialogue about possibilities to develop the work and they will try to be available for an artistic exchange with selected artists
If an artist is invited to come back, then there will be a possible public showing of the work and we will try together to build a site-specific performance out of the rehearsed work.

Fees and support
We ask for a membership of 50 euros per person 

Expectations towards the artist
We just ask artists to tell us if interested to Côme back to show their work and if they can leave vidéo photographie material in our Dropbox in order to advertise it.
We ask to mention the residency in all materials and we ask to leave something if they want to.
Artists are sometimes asked to come back if they want to show a part of the work 
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How To Apply:
The Application and Selection Process
Application to the Kulturfactory Residency program is made through an email request including examples of work and CV information, as well inviting applicants to detail what they hope to achieve. We suggest each document one page with five to six pictures. so: one-page cv , one-page artist statement, one-page project, and up to six jpg pictures that we will use in our social communication if selected.

  • Promising applicants are then going to be in touch with  the company
  •  resident artists are selected through the application process


kulturfactory 2019/2020 first deadline

kulturfactory 2019/2020 first deadline


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