Deadline: 15/01/2019

Ceramics Program - Learn directly from the Chazutino and Quechua Lamist artisans.

A unique opportunity to integrate ancient ceramic techniques into your work.

Description of the residency program
A ceramics residency which allows you to experiment with ancient techniques.

The region of San Martin is a great place to explore indigenous ceramics.  Visit the indigenous town of Chazuta.  Learn from a team of elderly women who have been making ceramic bowls all their life.  There are various ceramic activities to explore in Chazuta.  You can learn how to make a basic earth kiln and a traditional flute called an Ocarina. As Chazuta is famous for its rich energetic organic chocolate.  There is the opportunity to learn how it is made.  Visit local museums and craft centres.

Chunchiwi is an indigenous village one hour walk away from the art centre.  Here you can learn how to make a ceramic bowl in the home of Petrona.  Petrona collects the clay herself and binds it with already fired pots.  That she grinds into a powder.  Petrona then fires the work in an open fire called a shuntu.  You can then take these ancient skills and introduce them into your own work back in the studio.  

Duration of residency
One month residency

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
We will help you all we can to achieve your goals.  If you would like an exhibition at the end of your stay we will help you to achieve this.  

You will be staying in basic but comfortable accommodation.  You can share a kitchen or have your own small house.

Studio/ workspace
The studio at Sachaqa has no specialist equipment.  But the idea of this residency is for ceramicists to practice making ceramics the traditional indigenous way.  you will be provided with local clay which you can fire on a shuntu fire.  You can learn how to make a simple earth kiln if you would like to fire your work in this way.  You will share the studio, with around four to five other artists. 

Fees and support
The price for a one-month residency and indigenous ceramics program is 2700 soles.

Expectations towards the artist

Application information
Please send information about your art practice and state why you would like to do a residency in the Amazon rainforest.

Ceramics Program - Learn directly from the Chazutino and Quechua Lamist artisans.

Ceramics Program - Learn directly from the Chazutino and Quechua Lamist artisans.


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