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Weaving Portals into 5D Consciousness. 3 awards at stunning cloud forest center.

Create art and change perception at stellar facility in cloud forest. 3 awards for 50-100% of fees.

Jaguar Luna Artists Collective, experience ecology restoration and art at a magnificent location and center in the cloud forest of Southern Costa Rica

Call for artists 2019
Weaving portals into 5-D Consciousness
Consciousness and perception are affected and enhanced by what we see, feel and hear.  Art invites in a dramatic landscape to weave neural fibers with vibrant information on how to interpret reality. 

We are inviting in 3 artists to submit proposals in a variety of media, including: sculpture, dance, mural, mosaic, theatre, music, film, photography and writing.  If your proposal is accepted you will be granted a scholarship to cover residency fees from 50-100%.  This is an *award value of up to $3000 per individual. 

We provide stellar facilities in cloud forest reserve in southern Costa Rica.  Our Center encourages artists to offset travel’s carbon footprint by participating in an organization that engages in active reforestation and jaguar habitat buffer zones.  We are also a collective whereby artists are encouraged to participate as a collaborator rather than just a temporary visitor.   Jaguar Luna provides an excellent opportunity to share stories and integrate faith that humanity will transform the dire situation on the planet.  If we strive to project the options for change through the capability of the dynamic language of art.  Changing perception is a mastery that belongs to creative people and not corporations manipulating human minds solely for consumption or fear.

It is time to integrate your art in magical ways.  Come join us.

Our Center has private housing for each artist from individual cabins, lofts, and comfortable dorm rooms.   Beyond predictable facilities, each location is designed to stimulate the muse.  The gardens around the Center are a living food forest and wildlife habitat.  We are located next to a mountain river ideal for swimming and observation.

We have hosted muralists, filmmakers, photographers, writers, theatre/circus and ceramic artists.  We are ready to welcome you.

1-3 months, May-September 2019

Artists of all media are welcome.  Please inquire as to your specific needs.   Emerging, self-taught, or academic creators may submit a proposal detailing a project that specifically devotes attention to moving consciousness into a 5-D state.  Rather than suggesting what we mean by this, we invite you to devote art that promotes a new way of ‘seeing’ or experiencing the sensory world we live in that engages a world beyond fear, beyond over-consumptive behaviors. 

The artist may submit proposals that engage the local community, leave a permanent or temporary offering (sculpture/mural/mosaic, etc.).   We have several locations to consider for murals, mosaic and all forms of sculpture.  Theatre may be provided locally or arrange at other locations.  Film may be generated that is revealed at festivals around the world.  The option of how the art is shared is up to the artist.

Based on the idea, devotion, dedication, 3 artists will be rewarded a residency here with either a discounted fee or a 100% gift of stay.  The awards will be at the sole discretion of the Center’s staff.

Artist’s responsibility:
Travel fees.  Materials * (depending on the media)

Passport/visa.  Deposit $150 (refunded after residency).  Proposal with CV, recommendation letter, list of materials, duration/time of residency requested, detailed proposal that included explanation, final outcome.

Weaving Portals into 5D Consciousness.  3 awards at stunning cloud forest center.

Weaving Portals into 5D Consciousness. 3 awards at stunning cloud forest center.

Costa Rica

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