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Last Minute Call for a February Residency in Cadiz // Reduced Fee

Art Residency for research, production and open studio event in a coastal & artistic context.

Pinea-Duplo is our A.I.R. venue in Cadiz. It is an initiative run by the private non-profit organisation Linea de Costa. With a six years trajectory, our organisation is a reference among international artists-in-residence programs in Europe, being one of the most prestigious A.I.R programs in Spain, guarantee by critics and specialised press. Pinea-Duplo is situated in the heart of the Three-Millenary historical town of Cadiz, and close to beaches, museums, libraries, shops, etc. It's not only studios to work. It's much more than this: It's an A.I.R venue for artistic research, production and meetings. It's an opportunity for artists working in site-specific projects whose aim is to dynamically contribute to improving the city, and seeking to foster cross-cultural relations between artists in residence, curatorial team and the locals, by involving the territory in an active way. The involvement of Pinea-Duplo in the local scene makes the stay a key experience in their creative process.

Our curatorial line is based on selecting artists coming from different places and creative fields who want to come to Pinea-Duplo to develop specific projects having into account the context in which they will act, in an exchange of experiences and artistic and cultural increasing climate. The curatorial team keeps periodically in touch with residents in ongoing feedback. We hold an open studios-exhibition event every month. This is a great opportunity for artists in residence to share their art works with the local community. 

Pinea-Duplo is located in a duplex situated in an XVIII century building with an old historic facade. We can accommodate up to two artists, and our studios are equipped with two individual working/resting spaces, shared working studio, fully equipped kitchen & bathroom as well as Wireless Internet Connection. 

In Pinea-Duplo are welcome artists of any nationality and discipline which belongs to contemporary creation. Projects must be developed in one, two or three months. All artists admitted by Pinea-Duplo do it as a 'Linea de Costa friend membership'. Artist will get this status after the correspondent membership dues had been paid. Important notice: The artists in residence membership will start their projects on the 1st calendar day of the selected month, ending on the 28th calendar day of the selected month (on the 27th calendar day on February). Lodging: We offer to artists in residence the possibility to live in the studios, which are provided with single cosy bed-chairs in single resting areas. The accommodation is not a rental, but a free courtesy for artists in residence memberships. However, artists can opt to rent an accommodation in a different location (for example if they don't want to live and work in the same space or if they want to be accompanied by friends or relatives). Anyway, in both cases, the artist membership dues are the same.  

The strategic situation of Cadiz, opposite Rota at the entrance of the Cadiz Bay, has for thousands of years made it an attractive place for people of many different cultures. The 'Tacita del Plata' is considered the oldest city in the Western World. It was founded (in 1100 B.C.) by the Phoenicians, a seafaring people who turned Gadir into an important trading colony where the Carthaginians, the Romans, the Visigoths and the Muslims would all subsequently settle. An open, cosmopolitan city, its port was chosen by Columbus as the point of departure for his second voyage to the New World. The city would then become, after the decline of Seville, the port to The Indies, drawing the flow of trade with the American Continent. This frantic commercial activity then brought about an era of economic, cultural splendour, when Baroque palaces with their characteristic towers offering amazing views were built. The Cathedral, which can be seen from the sea, and its golden tiled dome fit perfectly into the Cadiz cityscape with its colonial air. It combines both the Baroque and Neoclassical styles, and its treasure is amongst the most important in Spain. The intense trading activity with The Indies awakened the greedy interest of pirates, which led to the city being fortified. The remains of the original although renovated crossfire defence system designed by Vauban make up an important part of the heritage of Cadiz. Las Puertas de Tierra, the city gates, retain sections of walls and semi-bastions such as those of San Roque and Santa Elena, on both sides. A stroll through the Campo del Sur affords the visitor a view of the Los Mártires and Capuchinos defence bastions, by La Caleta, which is guarded by San Sebastián and Santa Catalina Castles. Heading towards the boulevard Alameda Apodaca, the La Candelaria Bastion and the San Carlos Walls can also be seen. The Puertas de Tierra Walls clearly divide the new city regained from the sea –built along a great avenue and along the extensive, landscaped promenade– and the old. The historic centre of the city has narrow streets and small squares in popular districts such as La Viña – the fisherman’s district - the Mentidero, Santa María (true home of flamenco song) and El Pópulo.  


- Artists from any discipline and nationality. HOW TO APPLY Please send us the required information by e-mail: Personal information
- Full name / date of birth / gender
- Passport photo & passport copy- Language(s) spoken - City/Country
- E-mail
- WebsiteProject information
- A sample of Previous work (PDF, website or similar)
- Your CV (max one A4) and Artists Statement explaining the general motivation of your artistic research (max one A4)
- Brief Motivation Letter with the theme: 'Why am I going to Pinea-Duplo to collaborate working in a diverse context?' (max one A4)
- Project description: the artist must submit a specific project for Pinea-Duplo (max one A4).
- Please, specify that you are applying for a Februrary 2019 residency!! 

Residents will be selected by the Pinea-Duplo team based on the quality of their work, commitment to their practice, and the ability to interact positively with the territory at large. If your proposal is selected, Pinea-Duplo will send you an email right away.
Please send your application to:  

Expenses paid by the organisation Ongoing support & advice
Single studio-resting space & shared studio Lodging
Open Studio Event at Pinea-Duplo Basic tools
Press Release
Catering at the eventExpenses paid by the artist Artist in residence membership subscription (600€/month)* SPECIAL FEE ONLY FOR FEBRUARY 2019: 400€ (you are saving 200€!!)Note: Once your application has been approved, your place will be secured on receipt of full payment of your membership dues. Travel, transport, visa, daily living expenses, medical insurance and production are not included in the dues. 

Last Minute Call for a February Residency in Cadiz // Reduced Fee

Last Minute Call for a February Residency in Cadiz // Reduced Fee


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