Deadline: 10/05/2019

Dragon Dance Theatre Mask Making and performance Workshop and residency

A 4 week artist residency focusing on theatre, dance, music and mask-making.

Description of residency program
Dragon  Dance is organizing an intense, experimental and improvisational theatre lab, plus a plastic arts workshop, where we will make masks, sets and costumes, all in the spirit of producing socially conscious work.

It will be a fully integrated, intense experience, working shoulder to shoulder with other artists.

Together we will imagine, and realize our own creative Utopia. We will make a peaceful, historically relevant, community art event. We will dance and sing, make music, break bread together, laugh, and inspire one another, while working in our chosen fields, to make a memorable public performance. We will have fun. We will work. We will create our own world of cultural exchange, cooperation and creation.
This is an in-depth, immersion; a working environment, side by side with, musicians, dancers, actors, puppeteers, painters, printers, poets, writers, sculptors...
We work together in all aspects of the production, from developing the story, creating the masks, improvising the scenes and inventing the music.

There will be 3 public performances ; the first one on Friday, the 30th of August, the second one on Saturday the 31th of August and the third, Sunday, September 1. 

How we proceed
In the mornings, we work mostly on the plastic arts; building the armatures and sculpting the masks with clay. After a few days, we can start to cover the first masks with paper-maché, while other armatures are being built. 
In the afternoons, we work on the story itself, studying the characters, defining the conflicts, and improvising the scenes. Everyone participates and enriches the group with their ideas and input. We use our tried and tested  method of socializing the roles as we study the stage, the scenes and the story. 
As the project unfolds, we will start to use the finished masks on the stage and learn to manipulate these giant figures. We will spend more and more time developing the story, while creating and integrating the music. 
At the end of the workshop we will perform the show for the local public.

Duration of residency
1 month, from August 4 to September 2, 2019

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
Sculpture, dance, theatre, voice, music,


Studio/ workspace
outdoor :  The plastic arts studio, warmups, rehearsals, performance space, everything is done outside.  (south of France in August, dry and warm climate)

Fees and support
The 4 week residency fee is 1500 Euros (approx 1700 USD) (which includes meals, materials and workshop fees). Payments are made using PayPal . 

It is our practice to ask participating artists to share in the financial costs of the project, in this case we are talking about 4 weeks; 30 days, from August 4 to September 2. Dragon Dance will provide; materials, documentation, direction, plus room and board. Your part of the costs will be 1500 Euros.  You will also have to pay your own transportation costs.

The registration fee is 250 Euros (approx. 290 USD). This is non-refundable. Once you register, your place is reserved. Also, once you register, we can write an invitation letter which you can use to look for funding.

Some scholarships are available.

Expectations towards the artist
We encourage the artists to participate in every part of the production project; mask making, rehearsals, warmups, socializing the roles, music, creating the scenes, building the stage, etc.  Not everyone has to be acting on the stage, we need stage managers, and writers, and other support skills.  For example, we always like to have a carpenter in the group, or if you have some other special skill you want to use or share, we are happy to see how we can integrate  it.  Theatre and performance is very inclusive, we are looking for dynamic, passionate and dedicated participants!

Application information
The first step is to send us a letter of motivation telling us why you want to do this project.  The next step will be to send in your deposit and together we will make a payment schedule for the balance. 

Dragon Dance Theatre Mask Making and performance Workshop and residency

Dragon Dance Theatre Mask Making and performance Workshop and residency


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