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Migrating Birds 2019

May the dialogue with the nature inspires you to look for your true self!

Description of residency programme
The “KINTAI ARTS Residence” is an international residency program for artists situated at Kintai (Silute municipality, Lithuania), surrounded by beautiful and tranquil nature. It is an independent non-profit art project supported by the community of Kintai, the public organization Kintai Arts and Pomeranian Association of Arts and Sports.

KINTAI ARTS artspace wants to create an environment for inspiration – a place for artists where they could concentrate on work and creative experiments.

Duration of residency
One to three-month residencies are available between each May and October. Shorter stays and “Artists on Tour” plans are available by special arrangement.

Disciplines supported and technical information

  • Visual Art

  • Educational Programmes

  • New Media

  • Animation

  • Curatorial

  • Film Making

  • Architecture

  • Sculpture

  • Dance

  • Theatre

  • Performing Arts

  • Music

  • Literature

We are able to provide from four to six studio spaces (depending on an artist’s needs). We provide one big shared studio for visual artists, as well as two smaller studios for individual work; it is suitable for artists who work with "light" materials. For sculptors, we provide an other studio which is more suitable to work with "heavy" materials.
The residency strives to establish a close relationship with the local community. For this reason, we provide a space for musicians, performers, and dancers in the  town's "Events Hall”, and for executing the final work, we suggest using the Church space. Moreover, the library, exhibition halls, concert halls, meeting halls, and some music instruments are accessible too.
We do not provide the tools for artists, only the equipment needed for installing the exhibition or executing a concert / performance.

The residency program offers combined living and working spaces with private bedrooms for 1, 2, 3 or 4 persons. The workshops are situated in the former administrative offices of an old school (teachers’ room, student council room, classrooms, etc.) and in other community buildings (Cultural Center, Museum, Barns and accommodations in the apartments of the historical farm). All buildings are in a short walking area, located in the center of the town. There is a possibility to stay in the apartments on the coast of the Curonian Lagoon as well.

The rooms are simply furnished and could be occupied with 1-4 artists (depending on the room). Toilets and showers are located in each room, just a few are common. A fully equipped kitchen is also available, as well as a patio with a possibility to cook outside when the weather is nice. By special arrangement, there are various other spaces available for use: a large communal studio (about 60m²), 3 small work rooms (20-35 m²), an exhibition-performance space (about 110m²), the Hall with a stage and full sound/light equipment (about 450 m²), barn (about 200 m²) for dance/performances, another barn (300 m²) for wooden works, small architecture, sculpture, painting. In certain situations, there is a possibility of using a gym (about 300 m²) and the Church buildings for rehearsals and concerts.

In the town of Kintai, there are further opportunities: large walls for artistic intentions, fields and forests, as well as the Curonian Lagoon itself with a possibility of all kinds of water sport.

Fees and support
In order to cover the costs of maintenance (utilities, etc.) it is necessary that guest artists pay the amount of € 240-440 per month (depending on individual needs for space and the number of residencies that are exploited).

For this fee artist is provided with accommodation, studio space, exhibition space, information media work.

Expectations towards the artist
Exhibition / workshop / discussion / performance / education sessions

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Migrating Birds 2019

Migrating Birds 2019


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