Deadline: 10/03/2019

Open AIR Arts and Ecology Residency Western Montana

Western Montana┬┤s arts and ecology residency program invite artists of all disciplines to apply.

We believe art is a means to re-envision the world we live in…

Western Montana Creative Initiatives is excited to launch our Pilot year of Open AIR. In 2019, at least ten selected artists will be invited to connect in-situ with residency sites unique to the inland West.

With innovative opportunities available in places such as remote wilderness areas to historically significant sites closer to town, artists will have the opportunity to draw inspiration from a regional community dedicated to preserving place, environment, and the arts.

Artists will be provided with lodging and opportunities to engage with Missoula's rich community. Come spend the summer learning about the West, exploring our Mountain's and river bottoms and our rich cultural history. 

To learn more read the FAQs and visit our website at

Description of residency program
Artists will be paired with a unique site in Western Montana. There is no requirement on what the artist produces this time, although due to the nature of site-specific placement we are interested in curious artists looking to explore and respond in-part to the site they are interested in. 

Duration of residency
We have 10-day, 3-week and 6 week opportunities

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
This residency program is open to artists working in all discipline/media. In saying that, we have variable - limited equipment for artists. Please check the website and sites for details about equipment available. Additionally, please look at the Community Resource page to see additional support available. 

Housing is provided. 

Each site has a studio space for the artist/artist-pair to work.

Fees and support
There is no fee for the residency. We hope to offer a stipend of $25/day for the resident artist. This is dependent upon our successful fundraising. 

Expectations towards the artist
Artists are expected to:

  • Contribute one piece of work to the collection
  • Provide feedback about their experience
  • Be flexible and communicative to help work out any kinks in the pilot program.

Application information
Applications can be found online on our website. Please provide samples of your work along with a bio, CV and all other requested information. 

For questions, please email

Open AIR Arts and Ecology Residency Western Montana

Open AIR Arts and Ecology Residency Western Montana

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