Deadline: 30/09/2019

Bamboozle - Call for Bamboo Sculpture proposals// Free Accommodation in Costa Rica, 2019/2020

Free Residency to artist willing to work with Bamboo onsite and make sculpture.

Residency program
Our Center is wildly unique; it combines ecology, community, mutual cooperation and the arts at a fantastic location within remarkable facilities. We aim to change the relationship of the arts (moving beyond art as strictly commodity or objectification) towards a way to balance the dire situation on the planet, by providing promising interaction between communities and artists that benefit and heal the natural ecosphere.

Accommodations/workshop/studio space
We provide rustic, comfortable, imaginative habitats for artists to create and imagine easily with the muse. Lodging is located in a hilly environment with access to group kitchen. We have 5-shared bathrooms. From private/shared cabins to lofts, or dorm rooms, we have a place that is right for all types of artists. Housing is shared only on agreement and is private unless otherwise stated.

The cabins are suitable for live/work space, and we have separate workshops available for construction/clay/wood working, etc. Dance, theatre can be held in the common building, our dance tower, outdoor amphitheater, or our elevated tree platform. Film/Photography is possible anywhere. Writing can be facilitated in a number of spaces that include our screened in Kiosk (also for photography).

Fees and Support
Awarded artist will receive a cabin free-of-charge for the duration of the agreed stay from 2 weeks to 3 months (up to $3000 value). Artists will be responsible for travel and food. We will provide most materials and tools (agreed upon before arrival) that may include, wire, glues, bamboo, saws, paints, varnish, etc.

***note: Artists may also work on personal, individual projects during their stay as long as the bamboo project is completed.

We are seeking to expand an artist’s relationship with materials, space and ecologically sustainable art. Jaguar Luna Cultural Arts Collective is located in a cloud forest in Southern Costa Rica where abundant bamboo grows. Not only is bamboo a renewable resource, it is also non-toxic to the environment, easy to use, and incredibly flexible to make interesting functional sculpture. We are interested in an artist/sculptor that is willing to come to our location and prepare a finished sculpture that will also become representative to the local youth/adults on the magnificence of bamboo to create resourceful beauty. 

We welcome all types of sculptural proposals that could include chairs, tables, passageways, hanging sculpture, platforms/kiosks, bridges, freeform sculpture, etc.  With regards to the bamboo used, the artist must present an estimate of bamboo needed (thickness/length, etc.).   While we cannot promise exactly the bamboo specified, we will work with the artist to facilitate an end-project with success. Bamboo, if ‘green, freshly cut’, bends easier than dry. Dried bamboo is better for certain uses. If the artist does not have experience with bamboo, we suggest that they do research online with YouTube, etc. for ideas on how to manipulate the materials. We have on or near our premises, yellow bamboo, and for a cost to the center *(amount agreed upon before arrival), we may be able to acquire larger pieces of construction style green bamboo. The artist is invited to be clear on the scope of the project and keep in mind the necessary time to complete a project and if the residency is during the dry (Dec-April) or wet (May-Nov) season. Both options are acceptable to create magic with bamboo.

Send photographs, sketches, space required (for sculpture), and detailed ideas of bamboo sculpture, along with resume, references, and time-frame/season of residency requirements from 2 weeks to 3 months. re: Bamboozle

Please send proposals by September 30, 2019 for residency from September 2019 to April 2020.

Bamboozle - Call for Bamboo Sculpture proposals// Free Accommodation in Costa Rica, 2019/2020

Bamboozle - Call for Bamboo Sculpture proposals// Free Accommodation in Costa Rica, 2019/2020

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