Deadline: 15/03/2019

Westben Performer Composer Residency 2019

Performer-Composer Residency at the Westben Centre for Connection & Creativity.

Description of residency program
Westben’s Performer-Composer Residency is an international gathering of creative risk-takers whose practice involves some combination of both composition and performance. It is an intensive 6-day collaborative workshop culminating in a final performance - deeply woven into the beautiful rolling hills of Canada’s Northumberland County.

This is not a typical summer music program; it is not based on a division between teachers and students or tuition and competition. Designed for leading professional and dedicated emerging musicians from Canada and beyond, the Westben Performer-Composer Residency encourages a multi-generational exchange within a plurality of approaches to music making while sharing a commitment to building communities through music. The Westben Centre for Connection & Creativity offers a performance nexus and supportive community to create a friendly and stimulating meeting place for Performer-Composers. It’s a welcoming destination to encourage a wide conception of original music making to broaden the musical experience with others.

Duration of residency
One Week


is provided in local private and shared rooms.

Westben provides participants with studios, workshop and rehearsal space and performance venue.

Fees and support
Participants will cover their own travel cost.

Expectations towards the artist
A group of 11 Performer Composers will work together for the duration of the residency. Through a series of peer-led workshops, participants will exchange a plurality of approaches to making music, culminating in a public performance

Application information
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Westben Performer Composer Residency 2019

Westben Performer Composer Residency 2019


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