Deadline: 05/04/2019

“Readers” ** Double Call ___ Summer * 2019/2020

“READERS” ** DOUBLE CALL ___ SUMMER * 2019/2020 START (Italy) + CAN SERRAT (Catalonia / Spain).

Description of residency program
DOUBLE CALL ___ SUMMER * 2019/2020
START (Italy) + CAN SERRAT (Catalonia / Spain)

  • Who can apply? Writers
  • Application period: March 5> APRIL 5, 2019 (inclusive)
  • Announcement of the results: End of April 2019

** In reference to a 1988 interview in France Culture with Roland Barthes __ questioning the relationship / separation between the writer and reader. __ (The interview coincides with the publication of ‘The Theory of Writing’ by Barthes.). The word ‘readers’ here refers to the focus of the residencies towards the process of writing.

Duration of residency
* July to September

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
Regarding the content of projects, the jury DOES NOT ask for proposals specifically designed for and tailored to the residencies. That being said, we value recent work that is related to rurality, ecology, local culture, and communities, as these are themes that both stART and CAN SERRAT share in common.

Can Serrat supports and nurtures research processes in contemporary art and literature. The residence offers a space for work and housing for each resident. Check the details of the conditions here.

Fees and support
SCHOLARSHIPS OFFERED for each space * //


  • 1 COMPLETE SCHOLARSHIP for two months in July and August 2020
  • 3 PARTIAL SCHOLARSHIPS (of 70, 50, and 30%) between July and September of 2020 (minimum one month maximum 2 months)
  • 10 SELF-FINANCED INVITATIONS between July and September 2019 (minimum one month maximum 2 months)

In addition and after the result of the publication, Can Serrat offers 5 additional 30% need-based scholarships. ** Eligibility is based on distance from the residency and income.

* Participants can apply for one or both residencies.
** Only for self-financed invitations.

stART >>>

  • 1 COMPLETE SCHOLARSHIP for three weeks between June 28 and August 15, 2019
  • 1 SCHOLARSHIP 50% of three weeks between June 28 and August 15, 2019
  • 6 SELF-FINANCED INVITATIONS for three weeks between June 28 and August 15, 2019

More information here __ Conditions here

Expectations towards the artist
At the end of 2020, after the residencies have been completed, a publication will be made in connection with the writing produced at both stART and at CAN SERRAT.

stART is a non-profit cultural association dedicated to the production, research and promotion of contemporary art and other cultural areas. More information here __ Conditions here

Application information
Sophie Blais and Sarah Goodchild Robb __ CAN SERRAT
+ Guido Anderloni __ stART
+ Clara Gari (Director of Nau Côclea) __


  • A PDF file called: “surname_start + canserrat_WSummerCall”
  • This file must contain: Writer’s Statement (Can Serrat and stART expect the applicant to give the jury an understanding of their work process and information about their current field of research)
  • Recent work sample of 3 pages (max.)
  • A soundtrack of the sample of 3 pages (or less), read by the applicant her or himself (with a link in the pdf)
  • CV / Biography
  • The application language can be in Catalan, Spanish, French, Italian, or English. Other languages will not be accepted.
  • There is no age restriction.


“Readers” ** Double Call ___ Summer * 2019/2020

“Readers” ** Double Call ___ Summer * 2019/2020


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Residency starts

Residency ends

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