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Invisible Languages, Attentiveness of the Scent Comprehension of Culture through Olfactory Art. International Art and Research Workshop instructed by Ellen Petruzzella.

Invisible Languages ,Attentiveness of the Scent Olfactory Art, by Ellen Petruzzella.

Invisible Languages ,Attentiveness of the Scent
Comprehension of Culture through Olfactory Art.
nternational Art and Research Workshop instructed by Ellen Petruzzella.

Location : Greek Island Kefalonia
Time : May-June  2019
1st Session:  May 2nd- 9th
2nd Session : June 20-27th
Venue : Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture ,

Applications : ionionartscenter@gmail.comDeadlines for applications: 1st session,  April 15th 2019

                                            2nd Session May 30th 2019

Terms/Conditions /Fees : /or/

Contact &Information: /or/

Eligibility : The International Open Call  is addressed to All  with focus to artists & designers all disciplines,  anthropologists, scientists, writers, wellness professionals, filmmakers, writers, photographers.

The Class Explores the possibilities of preserving and sharing cultural memories of place, time, and experience in different creative ways through plant-based ingredients in olfactory-focused artwork, answer to the globalization  influences  using uniformity in manufactured scents.

The Greek Island Kefalonia during Spring 2019 is ideal and inspiring location to communicate this awareness across boundaries of time, language and geography, and through the intersection of art, archaeology, science and mythology.


SHORT Description of the International residency program connected to the GRANTS 2019-2020 of the Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture
Program operating in the fields of Education, Arts, Sciences, Research.

The Ionion Center residency program has Global and  innovative  network and vision , which attracts and attends the  higher  standard creative and academic requirements of prestigious  Artists, Scientists, Researchers, Higher Education Institutions & Activists  from all over the World.

Duration of residency : two weeks to three months

Disciplines: Education, Academic programs /Multi Media/Media Arts/New Technologies/ Digital Arts/Visual Arts/ Performing Arts/Dance/ Music/ Literary Arts/ Applied Arts/ Curatorial projects.

Acceptable are projects on all disciplines, included Visual Arts,  Performing  Arts and Music, Literary Arts, New Technologies, advanced Academic Study and Research, Archaeology, Anthropology, History, Art History, Classic Studies, Poetry, Literature and  Philosophy, Art Preservation – Restoration, Protection of the Natural  Environment and the Cultural Heritage.

Activities  supported listed as follow: Exhibitions,  Conferences,      Workshops,   Master Classes, Semester  and  year  abroad  academic programs,   Summer  courses,  Faculty  led  programs, Field  studies,   Seminars, Academic Research, Social involvement programs , Exhibitions, Arts and Sciences Forums.

The space is attended 24hours a day by professional personnel.

Administrative, academic, secretarial, promotional, practical and  technical  support is available for personal, educational or advanced  projects.

Accommodation: residential area of the Ionion  Center, personal room + bathroom, fully equipped, daily room service,24 hours internet,  use of laundry , kitchen (personal or shared depend on the space preference) ,garden access or balcony, studio for art creation and personal support. Every day is included as a standard offer full breakfast. During the day and night there are always free and available in the kitchen snacks, sweets, tea, coffee, milk, juices, fruits, pies, pizzas, pastas, basic goods.

 Accommodation at  the  Ionion Center department in Athens City. A fully equipped, with basic goods offered in a week basis and attended by friendly and supportive personnel,  100 sq.m. 3 persons apartment – in  the Central area of the Athens City is available to the enrolled in the Center’s  program artists/ scientists . It is located near the Archaeological Museum and Acropolis, near the ancient monuments. Buses, trams, taxis, train and metro stations are next to the location of the apartment. It is offering to the residents the change of visiting the monuments and experiencing the Athens City art’s life.(Exhibition or presentation of works  for the above residents takes place at the Ionion Center Headquarters at the Island Kefalonia)

Studio/ Workspace/ Work equipment
Studio  for visual arts, personal or shared, according the case and availability (subject to early enrolment).

Teaching rooms fully equipped for 10 - 70 students/or/artists

Amphitheater  100  seats fully equipped for  educational and performing activities (professional projection-lighting- sound systems & actors areas).

Exhibition halls

Technical Information : Building complex 850 sq.m.  fully equipped for educational needs and art creation-exposition, exhibitions, presentations, performances, conferences, social events, ceremonies etc. Technical support (technician(s) available upon request with extra cost)  according the needs of the case.

 All the areas are accessible and safe for people with special needs.

The space is fully insured,  the visitors are obligated to have their life, travel, art works  insurance.

Detailed info:

Fees and support
Fees  info:

Grants starting from 1000 euro to 30.000 euros are available  for the participants of the residency program.

Terms &Conditions info: info@

All applicants after their formal enrolment in the programs are provided(upon request) supporting documentation for funding applications in their regions /institutions/artists supporting organizations.

Expectations towards the artist

  1.             Exhibition(s) , presentation(s ), lecture(s),open studio  or  event(s) provided by the  program.
  2.             Opportunity for publicity, advertising – media  interviews ( optional )
  3.             Opportunity for expansion of the   work of the participant in academic level (optional)
  4.            Social communication and involvement in community and art activities(optional)
  5.            Donation of a work (optional)

Application information
Email Application :

In the basic criteria for the selection in the residency program and also for the grants ,beyond the professional skills- is the formality of the process and the  responsibility of the applicant.

Evaluation and Selection Committee -depend on the specific program- is the Curatorial Team  and Members of the Academic and Administrative Team of the Ionion Center . 

Invisible Languages, Attentiveness of the Scent Comprehension of Culture through Olfactory Art. International Art and Research Workshop instructed by Ellen Petruzzella.

Invisible Languages, Attentiveness of the Scent Comprehension of Culture through Olfactory Art. International Art and Research Workshop instructed by Ellen Petruzzella.


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