Deadline: 15/05/2019

RaumArs community or independent work

Especially in spring/autumn good opportunities for a research of World Heritage, woodwork, textile.

Description of residency program
RaumArs A-i-R started in 1997 and it is an independent, small association with the aim of bringing the art world and the community closer to each other. Often artists work with children/youths. New kind of collaborative work and new audience is welcomed. Priority in selection is in community/participatory artists & art.

Annually 3–10 international or national artist are invited to work and live in the city of Rauma. Artists are selected through an application process.

A call for a 3–5 months community residency in spring (January–May) or autumn (September–December, possible start mid August). Accommodation free–of–charge. Please notice that for the summer period (June–mid/end August) we accept only independent work applications.

Independent work residency 1–4 months. In this period there are good opportunities at our partner's premises for woodwork, painting and textile/sewing/knitting/weaving. Chosen artist pays the accommodation and registration fees, but the workspace is free of charge and it needs to be agreed upon case by case.

Interesting collaboration with the Old Rauma Renovation Centre Tammela. This 1–2 months period is specifically targeted for architects, architect researchers or World Heritage researchers, but artists from other art disciplines are welcomed to apply too and we hope the artist would have a project connected to the World Heritage. Independent / self-directed work.

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
All Visual arts, Fine Art & Contemporary including Craft & Design and Architecture, Performing arts including Sound & Light design. Writers, Curators and Researchers also welcome.

Assistance for the stipend artists in community projects.

RaumArs is renting a private house with 2 bedrooms in UNESCO site Old Rauma. Kitchen, lobby and toilets/shower shared with other artist(s).

Studio/ workspace
No studio. Can be negotiated with our partners, but they do not have real art studios. May have a rental. Most often the work takes place in partner's spaces, e.g. at the schools.

Fees and support
The board of directors chooses two to three stipend artists (in a year) to whom RaumArs gives a room free of charge, some materials and administrative help in producing the accepted proposal for community/participatory art projects.

Other chosen artists pay a small monthly fee. Artists pay travelling, art transporting and living costs (including food, house cleansers, print inks etc.).

Please read more on our web site: Apartment.

Expectations towards the artist
During the residency artists create communal/public/environmental/site specific artworks. Moreover artists have the possibility to create independent art works and to present their work in the form of an exhibition/performance/education/workshop/event during and at the end of the residency period. Exhibitions can’t be guaranteed, because RaumArs does not have a space of our own.Very often shows, performances or events happen in unconventional spaces. Please read about the old projects from our Archive and create one of your own :).

Application information
Internet application form on our web site. Please read carefully instructions on our web site RaumArs: Association, Residency: Apartment/Rauma town/Archive, Info for artists: Applying/Instruction and rules/Application form.

RaumArs community or independent work

RaumArs community or independent work


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